Posted by: katelyninfrance | August 8, 2009

Post nombre un!

Well, at long last I have created my blog. Sort of. This blog will host a myriad of pictures, videos, and ramblings from my adventures as an exchange student in France for the 09-10 school year. This is a work in progress, I repeat, a work in progress. As in I fail at html and the like and am also incredibly lazy. Come here for the quality of the writing, not some lame-o flashy stuff, right? Right. 

Well, summer is a zoomin’ by. Kind of scary really. I’ve got to buckle down on college aps and cleaning my room starting this week. Oh gee. No fun.

This summer I’ve been working at two animal hospitals- Township Line and Highland Park- as a kennel girl and general lol i do wut u want me to person. I guess I’ve made over $500, which is really nice and all, but dear god is it tiring work. Tuesday is my last day, and I’m gonna be happy to say goodbye to barking dogs and yowling cats, and a rather messy bunny. It’s been fun at times though, I think I’ve just gotten tired of it is all. Yeah, that makes sense.

My fam is getting an exchange student from Poland to stay in my room when I’m in France. Her name is Vicky and she’s coming on the 19th. I’m actually really excited to show her around despite being exiled to sleep in the basement while she takes my room, xD.

Um, well I’m not sure what else to write, really. This is sort of a useless introductory post. Uh, I guess that’s it then? Yeah, c ya lataaaa.


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