Posted by: katelyninfrance | August 12, 2009

Let me read your poem!

Should have been posted yeserday but the internet was off and I didn’t feel like turning it back on. Since I love poetry and well, write it allllll the time (I find it much easier to express myself in poetry, I think), here’s a poem.

Today was a day full of
Lots of lasts.
Last day of work
Last dentist’s appointment
(My teeth are healthy, by the way)
Last time with Lina
This needs more than
Some parentheses
Some parentheses
Can’t contain what this
Means to me
Four years.
Four whole years of
Sitting in a couch with
The pink feathered pillow that
Has white down poking
Out between the seams
I’d pull out a feather and
Strip the fuzz from the stalk
Just because I could.


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