Posted by: katelyninfrance | August 23, 2009

Goodbye Party

Today/night was my goodbye party, which took place in Sonya and Shakespeare’s backyard. I’ve had summer pool parties there for my entire life, so it was a really special place to have the party at. It was really a lot of fun! Lots of friends came, the food was great, and I couldn’t stop laughing. But of course time has the habit of passing by and it ended, as all things do. Saying goodbye was horribly painful. I honestly feel blessed to have such wonderful people that surround me. I mean, I’m not a very religious person, true, ethnically I’m Jewish, but I’ve always found myself to be a bit more spiritual than religious. And still I have no qualms with using the word blessed when speaking of my friends and family, because I truly feel that I am. I am going to miss these people, these people that I’ve spent my life with up till now. Leaving everyone cold turkey is really rather terrifying! I must keep faith that I will make it through the tough times and prevail. Well this post was supposed to be one my lol really profound and well written posts with personal essay-like anecdotes and a refreshing introspective voice. But alas, it is late, I am tired, Vicky is watching some British car show and True Blood is up soon and sour cherries are staring me in face calling “eat us, Katelyn!” so it would seem not to be the case. I’ll try writing a poem to finish this off though, maybe that’ll help make this feel more worthwhile!

Dripping hugs in the pool

We’d dash across and grab

A hand shouting

“Cinderella! Pirates! Harry Potter!”

And it was Leigh’s job to

Keep the floating lights away

From Eassa but

He was busy

Kissing Mollie in the wetness.

Overflowing with ketchup

I bite a juicy pickle and

Brush a mosquito off my 

Forehead but alas 

I am too late

And they leave one by one

Or two by two

Or as a large group at once

And hugs turn into the last

Connection of flesh I feel

I will ever have with

These people who I am

Blessed to call

My friends.



  1. Katelyn,

    Shake and I hoped the goodbye party would be special for you. You are very special to us and it was a joy to host the party for you. Some of our favorite memories of times with you have been in our backyard. Watching you with your friends and family having such a wonderful time today will be another favorite memory.

    We’re so excited for you. Try not to worry too much-you will be fine. I look forward to vicariously sharing your adventures in France via your website.

    I’ll think of you tomorrow when I eat the rest of the sour cherries. Too tired to eat them tonight. 🙂

    Bon Voyage!


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