Posted by: katelyninfrance | August 26, 2009

First daaayyy!!!

Today was my first day in France holy crap wtf bbg omg how did am I already here time you fickle mistress, you. Anyways, I’m gonna start with the plane rides and stuff.


So we got to Philly airport at 7 am and I said goodbye to mah fam. Juli started crying all out of nowhere and then I started tearing up and it was just a lovely mess let me tell you. Anyhoot, I managed to meet up with a fellow exchange student to France, Jessica, so we pretty much clung to each other like a new born baby does to his mother. We somehow managed to get through security and whatnot fine, and got to the plane only to find out that lol, we have to tag our carry ons and put them in the bottom of the plane because this plane was too small for carry ons. Yes. Too small for carry ons. This was the smallest dang plane I have ever seen in my entire life! So tiny, but it was very cute! With nothing to do since my life line of entertainment was stored under the plane, I read one of their complimentary in flight magazines that happened to be in that little pouch thing where the safety instructions are. Btdubs, I was about to shoot myself after hearing these same god damn instructions on every single flight. And then in both english and french. Dear god, I KNOW THE SEAT DOUBLES AS A FLOAT AND I UNDERSTAND YOU PUT THE YELLOW CONE OVER YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH AND WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND NEEDS A DEMONSTRATION ON HOW TO BUCKLE A SEATBELT. The 40 or so minutes went by a lot faster than expected; I really thought that I’d get as bored as anything with my united airlines sponsored magazine, but it was surprisingly interesting at parts. 


Jessica and I got off at Dulles (which is in DC for those of you not in the know) and made our way to gate D-1 where we were told to meet up with the other exchange students. There were a couple when we showed up, but as the long long hours of hopeless waiting continued, we found ourselves overflowing with almost 60 exchange students from all over the country heading to France. The flight was at 5:30, Jessica and I got into Dulles at 10:10. Is there any need for explanation of the ultimate boredness that came of this endless waiting game? I mean we were in freaking Dulles. It sucked. Hard.


Somehow time has a way of moving eventually and we boarded the flight for Paris, whispering (or shouting) our goodbyes to the US. Then came more boredom, this time packaged in a 6 and a half hour flight over the barren wasteland known as the Atlantic Ocean with nothing to look forward to other than whatever surely scrumptious dinner the airline would serve us. (FYI, it wasn’t actually all that bad.) I listened to music, specifically my dearest Ben Folds, watched the Simpsons, watched the real-time little animated plane move its way slowly towards Paris, and ended the flight watching part of the French version of that Monsters vs. Aliens movie. That was messed up. Honestly I don’t think I would have had any better idea of what was going on even if it was in a language I could actually understand.


AND THEN I LANDED IN PAAARRRIIISSSS!!!!! Dude I was so excited, we saw the lights in the dark all a’shining and I almost forgot that I had missed at entire night’s sleep due to the whole lol time zones switching from night time to breakfast in like one second. And that breakfast was nasty. I don’t like banana bread. Screw you, united airlines and your crappy-ass banana bread.


So lots of people were getting picked up straight from Paris, like Jessica for example, but I had one last flight to Nice. So for some odd reason Philly didn’t check my luggage straight to Nice. Seeing this mistake, I went and talked to the AirFrance man after getting my boarding pass from him. And he was all- lol sure no probz imma put ur bagz on dat flight itz all good dey now checked- and guess who’s bags never left Paris? You guessed it, mine! This teaches me to trust random French working men. Geez. So now I am suitcase-less and I’ll be getting my bags back tomorrow evening because apparently they have to ship them from Paris to Nice then back to Paris (don’t ask I really don’t know) then to Toulon and finnaallyyy to my house. So until then I’m using my host sister and mother’s clothes. Which includes a rather hot snoopy nightgown that I’m sporting right now. Ya’ll jealous.


My host family was there at Nice to greet me, and despite my shame and utter horror at having no bags, they said it was fine and showed me around Nice! DUDE IT’S SO PRETTY. There are palm trees and bright flowers lining the streets. The ocean is a clear crystaline blue, which apparently comes from the fact that the beach does not have sand, but small white rocks that’s sediments make the ocean pretty with their super voodoo powers, according to my host dad. Well, maybe not the voodoo part. After getting on the French highway or w/e I fell asleep out of utter exhaustion. But then we went to my first French grocery store. It was big. And all the while my host mom was saying that it was such a small super market and how the one they usually go to is so huge. And I was like, ok then. So they bought super expensive cheese (like 17 euros an ounce expensive!) and I stared wide-eyed at the vast array of cheesy goodness. 


Then we went home. Their home is built on an area that the French government bought and made an official conservation sight or something like that so they can’t do anything construction-wise on it, aka the shady little awesome secret road leading up to it is about as bumpy as anything. It’s really quite jarring! But anyways, their house is THE COOLEST HOUSE EVER. HOLY SHIT SO COOL. I will take pictures of this amazingness soon and post them up here/on my flicker, but I’ll try to tide you over with a lame description- it’s surrounded by palm trees and beautiful foliage and is right by the ocean. We went into the town of Saint-Cyr-Sur-Mer and dear god I fell in love. Walking on the boardwalk type thing past french boutiques and pastry shops, children in bathing suits running by giggling and sputing childish french phrases, sand in a woman’s toes as she walks her little dog was really a serene dream come true, like right out of a picture book.


Well, I’d like to write more but it’s getting pretty late and this kitten is just about to destroy all of my stuff plus is freaking adorable, so I’m gonna head to bed now. See ya lattaaa!!!



  1. Kate, an amazing description. Wish I was there. so how can we get notified when you post, loved one? Daddoo

  2. I’ve added a subscribe link in the sidebar, let me know if it works! 😀

  3. lol You wrote a lot!
    I have to edit mine with more details but i havent found the time yet!!
    lol I wrote in my blog that I clung to you!!
    Nice blog!
    Geez your bags didnt go through! I would have beenn GRRR!!! lol

  4. Please watch your mouth; other than that, fun to read!

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