Posted by: katelyninfrance | August 27, 2009

Huh… quoi?

The joys of understanding hardly anything.

Attractive French boy: Blah blah blah Philadelphia blah blah blah is blah blah blahhhhhh???

Today I went to the walkway dealio by the beach with Carla and met her friends. Ummm… so like first it was an awkward “lolhi” and then it was an even more awkward kissing both cheeks thing that they do in France. It’s so weird! Like everyone HAS to kiss EVERYONE ELSE. So we’ll take like five minutes going around and stuff. But like I never know when to go in first or something. And sometimes, though not very often, people don’t do it. Confusing as heck. So anyways, after this awkward greeting and a couple ordinary questions (where are you from, etc.) I found out they are all druggies. Lol joy. Nothing more fun than sitting silently while a bunch of people speak rapid French while passing around a bong. Talk about joy. So parts of today were really quite boring. And like I wish I knew more French because I feel like I would start conversations and all, most of them seem pretyt nice and they aren’t ALL druggies, but I feel like every time I open my mouth it just complicates matters tenfold. And I’m not one to want to annoy others. But I’m determined to improve. Determined, I tell you! It’s tough though, a lot of the time I really wish I was somewhere else. Like a lot. *sigh*

Well, after said awkward times we took a little train type tram deal through the city. Dear god it’s beautiful. So pretty! All of the buildings are just really cool looking and there is greenery everywhere. I hope to explore it much more!

The road to the house I was talking about yesterday is surrounded by grape vines and olive… bushes. Yes, bushes. Or trees. Bushees. Or trushes. But trushes sounds like some sort of weird slang for butt, so bushees it is. Apparently the grape harvest is great this year because of the heat. The grapes will be made into delicious French wine. Speaking of wine, I have yet to try any, but I’m sure it’s coming eventually. Eheh.

I think I like the way my name is pronounced in French more than English. When I come back ya’ll are gonna have to call me Cat-Leen, okay? Lolz jk. But I do notice that I hear my name a lot in French, or Philadelphia, and it’s like “WHAT ARE THEY SAYING ABOUT ME I CAN’T TELL” which is pretty frustrating. In fact, this whole French deal is pretty frustrating. I must persevere.

Well, I think I’m gonna take a shower soon. The water in the shower isn’t very strong spray-wise, so I’m sitting there like- RINSE FASTER, DAMMIT. Also they eat dinner really late. It’s 8:20 and we haven’t eaten yet. But tis life, I guess. French life. Eehee.

So I tried their pickles yesterday and I am very dissapointed. They’re all spicy and stuff! How will I survive?! Send me pickles!

Oh wait I forgot I was leaving, lolz. Well, see ya guys!



  1. Katelyn!!!!!!!!!… I mean Cat-Leen lol
    I love you! Sounds like you’re having fun
    : )
    Low pressure showers… they’re a bitch but they’re not too bad when you get used to it. I miss you!
    Allison and I are gonna try and see if we can send you pickles! Any preference? lol
    Love yah buddy!!!!!!!

  2. Well, I am rather fond of Vlassic… 😀

  3. haha good to know!

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