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At long last my baggage has finally arrived! All of it! Both bags! This is a miracle! Apparently they lied to me when they said I’d get them the night after I arrived since it’s been like 942864567345109 days since then, but now I have them! Yaaaayyyy!

So I didn’t write yesterday even though I was planning to and now I feel like I have 294085389463 things to say. If you haven’t noticed yet I really like writing crazy random big numbers.

Let’s see… yesterday is when I think we went to La Ciotat to go school supply shopping. Actually it was probably the day before. Oh gee, memory. We went to this big shop called Carrefour or something- we have the brand in the US I believe. This is when I noticed another difference between France and the US- their notebooks are very different! Like, you know how we have lined paper and all? Well, their paper is like a weird mix between lines and graph paper or something. It’s quite strange! I tried finding a picture on google but all I’m getting is the normal stuff and I have better things to do than search through pages and pages of pictures of notebook paper. I think. I hope.

Anyways, after that we went to another sea-side town called Sanary Sur Mer because apparently the waves there are better or something. We went with this Italian family friend whose name sounded like Mircoles but chances are I’m butchering it quite a bit. I think one of the most difficult things about being here is how different the pronunciation is, like lots of our words are the same, and also when they are using a proper noun like a person’s name or something, I don’t understand what they are saying. It sounds like they are speaking a word I don’t know, but after a bit of repeating it’s like- LOL RIGHT. Something I’ll get used to after awhile, I suppose. So yeah, Sanary. Very pretty! I took a really awkward 30 second video since my poor video camera is feeling unloved. So here it is, I hope you enjoy despite the awkwardness. Honestly if there was an academy award for awkward videos I def would have just won it with this masterpiece. Uh, so youtube is being a bitch and I’ve tried uploading this video like 49063857 times and it’s not working, sorry. I’ll try again someday hopefully. Or maybe find a different website to upload my videos to.

I also tried my first French wine that day! It was rosé or something like that, like the in-between of red wine and white wine. So pink wine pretty much. I think I like my alcohol like I like my coffee- either drowned in so much other stuff that you can hardly taste it, or not at all. So despite the fact that I’m sure wine connoisseurs would beat me up, I’m afraid I wasn’t a huge fan. Sorry wine connoisseurs. Hopefully you aren’t reading this.

The evening before last we went to this town called Bandol. Screw a proper order of events, I’m writing about this here. Anyways, in this town they have a bit of a summer festival-type atmosphere during the summer. Like with stands and such lining the street, sort of like Haverford Township Day, you know? There was a jazz band playing songs by Gershwin, one of those spray paint art people, and I tried my first French ice cream! IT WAS DELICIOUS. Also everyone thought it was hilarious when I told them we called carousels merry-go-rounds in the US. They were all like- LOLMERRYGOROUNDLOL. And it sort of made me think, yeah, that is a pretty odd name, isn’t it? 

Right before we left Bandol we walked by this restaurant (all of the restaurants there were open air, just on the side of the walkways. And lots of people had their dogs with them drinking water out of bowls at their feet! It was really cool.) where some blonde French guy was pulling a Lucas Carpenter and playing the guitar by himself while sounding like there was a full band behind him. He played a lot of well-known American songs; everything from Twist and Shout to Wonderwall to that band whose name is escaping me but is a very famous rock band and I think it might have a color in its name augh this is gonna bother me all night loooonnngggg!!! Anyways, it was pretty hilarious watching this guy jump on tables and dance around while singing “tweest an shaaooutt” in a very French accent. Made my night right there. 

Other things that are hilarious involve a McDonalds commercial in which the announcer proclaims in a very matter-of-fact voice that you should buy “le big tasty”. Ahahaha le big tasty gets me every time. So good!

Well this is turning into a very long post and I haven’t even talked about today yet! Oh but before I forget last night we all sat around the piano and I taught everyone vocal exercises that I learned from Ms. Broido. So fun. Yeah today. (Dear god I’m really sorry for this post, it’s ridiculously incoherent.) Today I went to the beach with Carla again and saw her friends again plus met a couple new ones. Much of this was boring like last time, although the bong was replaced with little bottles of beer. Apparently the bong man went back to Paris. Good riddance. Actually, the bong man was rather attractive so nevermind. Not his friend though. Good riddance bong man’s friend.

We swam a bit which was fun I guess but I started getting really pissed/lonely towards the end when I was off a bit on my own while all the other people were like- LOLFRENCHYOUCAN’TUNDERSTAND and stuff. But then we all started talking together, and this guy that is either gay or rampantly enthusiastic begged me to sing after I said that I didn’t smoke because it was terrible for singing and all. I got all embarrassed and was like- non! but he was like- oui! and I was like- non! and he was like- oui! and I was like- okay. So I sang a little bit of the laughing song from Die Flaudermaus (lolspelling) because they were like- sing opera! once they found out I sang opera. I was also asked whether I found said boy attractive and I was like- yes? Then some girl found it absolutely hilarious when I said “my name?” Seriously, she was cracking up and saying “my name” over and over again. I was like- okay, you guys def should not be drinking. They seem like really nice people and during times like those I have a lot of fun, but other times its really painful. I feel like I’m having some weird easily changing moods these days, like I’m going through puberty again or something. It’s really annoying. Hopefully that will change. And I think they are actually a bit younger than me, like 14-15 years old, so I’ll hopefully be meeting some more mature people at school next week. No, I do not want you stick your butt in my face just because your boxers have something written in English on them. Nor do you have to accentuate the fact by shaking it around and saying “my ass”. I KNOW. NOW GET OUT OF HERE.

I guess that’s all for now. The little word count thing below me says I’ve written over 1200 words and I’m thinking that’s probably enough for one day. In fact that’s more than enough. I think I’m crazy. Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this long-ass message. Please comment, okay? It makes me very happy to read new comments! Good night, now! 😀






    SO GOOD.

  2. Katelyn, this was some blog post. You are very, very funny. And a very creative writer. I wish I could come up with stuff like this. I am thinking about my own blog someday perhaps. 4530891875. Sorry I just felt like doing a big number. I’ll try to stop. 4569027459. Did it again, damn it. I am going to look for my medication now to stop me from doing this. Trust you will meet some young people more your age when you get into school. Love and kisses, Frank (aka your Dad’s evil twin)

    So I just realized I spelled my name Moolz but I really don’t feel like fixing it. So from now on I shall be known as MOOLZ


    so glad you got your bags. Airports really suck at baggage, they always lose it. i hate airports sometimes, they always stop me. Like i’ll put something on the belt and it will go through and the guys are like O WAIT THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED and they take me off to the side and rummage through my stuff. Nothing like having a 400+ pound man who resembles a grizzly bear prodding my understuffs.


    write me a letter on your weird french notebook paper. I will respond, with normal American notebook paper. *salutes*
    Pink wine? Does that exist?
    I’m not much of a wine fan either. Although the occasional glass of red wine is nice. I think you just need to develop a taste for it.

    that made me lol pretty hard. ALSO LE BIG TASTY. ahahahaha that’s so good. next time i go to mcdonalds i’m going to order


    these druggies sound like they suck. when school starts you’ll meet cooler people. it definitely sounds like some of the people are being really difficult. but hell you’ve only been here like what four days? i guarantee you’ll meet better people, try not to let it bring you down too much. just focus on the positive stuff, like exploring french culture and expanding your language skills and stuff
    soon it will be less awkward/annoying/lonely
    i promise!

    not much has been happening here. like at all. damn i wish i was in france. School starts soon and it’s like UGHGSGSHSG another year. And it’s also like HSUSHYGSAF time to look at colleges. I really don’t want to think about college or moving away or anything right now.

    BUT I DID GET A BLACKLIGHT! and this poster with a giant mushroom that says EAT ME. it looks so cool.
    also, it’s been raining a lot.
    and that’s it.

    I LOVE YOU! imma get on skype tomorrow so hopefully you’ll be there. I’ll try to think of more interesting things to say next time haha


  4. eeeeep! cat-leen, iz all so exciting!

    duuuuuuude i would have joined in their merriment, you straightedge, you!

    haha le big tasty…

    everything sounds so beautiful, i know it must feel so frustrating and lonely not being able to communicate, but you will be able to do it. i believe in you. when do you start actual school? I can’t wait to hear about THAT!

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