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The title of this post is Katelyn language for school! Today was my first day of school. And by first day I mean three hours in a homeroom type setting where we got our schedules and books and stuff. Okay, so this morning my host mom drove me into school so she could get me situated and all, since normally I’ll be taking the bus, like tomorrow for example. So we drive up to the school and see a bunch of French teenagers mingling and speaking rapid French and let me tell you, I almost ran right then and there. It was terrifying. I just followed my host mom like an abused puppy as we walked up to the board which had all out names listed in our classes for the year. And there I was, premiere litterataire 2. Some school worker informed us that there was a German girl in my class so I wasn’t alone in the being foreign thing. I scanned the names to find one that screamed lolgerman to me, and came up empty. However, I did see this one name that was like skjhdgeuwoehgjvyyyyyyzzzzzzyzyzyzyzyzyzyzyz. I just kinda squinted and continued to follow my host mom. P.S. I met/saw this person later and he is a fairly attractive and tall (?! Here?!) boy. I must introduce myself to him. 😀

So it turned out I was in room 104. First floor, right? lolno it turns out that the first floor’s room all start with 0, like 004 and 012. So the second floor starts with 1 and so on. As in my first class tomorrow is on the fourth floor. Oh joy. Anyways, I get there and my host mom starts talking to my teacher, who immediately turns to me and says in perfect British-accented English, “Oh well I guess it’s good that I’m your English teacher, huh?” Then a blonde girl next to me said in perfect English, “I speak English too!” And the skies opened and the angels sang songs of praise. The blonde girl turned out to be Samantha, the German girl that random guy had talked about before. We both sat next to each other for the remainder of the day. Next the teacher, whose name is Madame Perrier, went through our schedules, which she also repeated in English for me and Samantha, and another German girl that I found out was also in our class. So basically we’re the class of foreigners. Although it sounds really cool when the Germans go all German out of nowhere and I can only just be like- lolhienggliisshhh. Well, here is my scedule, I’m actually quite pleased with it because my host mom was saying how I’d probs have to go in at 8 and although that’s later than Haverford, I have to take a bus and that could get problematic. I’m going to try to organize this as best I can but yeah don’t get too excited.

Monday                              Tuesday                               Wednesday                                 

9- 10: English adv.         9- 10: English reg.            9- 10: Math                                 

10- 11: History                 10- 12: French                    10- 12: History                           

11-12: French                   12- 1: Lunch                        Best day ever pretty much        

12-2: Lunch/freeedom   Week one: 1- 2:30: Bio                                                            

2-3: English reg.              Week two: 1- 2:30:                                                                   

                                              Phsysics and Chem                                                                 

                                              2:30- 3: Freeedom                                                                 

                                              3- 4: History                                                                             

                                              Oct-March, 4-6: T.P.E. 

                                              (lol don’t ask idk)

Thursday                                     Friday

9-10: Spanish (lol)                   9- 10: Spanish

Week 1: 10- 11: ECJS (idk)     10- 11: French

Week 2: 10-11: Freeeeedom   11- 12: English adv.

11- 12: Math                                12- 2: Lunch/freedom

12- 1: English reg                       2-4: French

1- 2: Lunch

2- 3 (i think): Gym

4- 6: Music elective


Dear god that took awhile. So yeah, even though I end later than Haverford most days, not only do I start an hour and a half later but I have pretty lengthy breaks in between. What I’ll be doing during those breaks is currently a mystery. Apparently I can just leave and go to the beach. So that’s an idea. But I really don’t wanna get lost/be late for class so chances are I’ll be clinging to one/both German girl(s) for most of that time, at least at the beginning. Man, school is tough because I can be veeeeeeeerrryyyy shy when it comes to meeting new people, and I am incredibly embarrassed and unsure of my French. I really should get up the courage and go talk to someone, but I’m really quite scared. It makes me angry at myself! I imagine all these other exchange students being outgoing and such, but there’s little old Katelyn all introspective and afraid of failure. Sigh…

Well I got two of my books (apparently the rest will come later, idk)/listened to French I could hardly understand. It’s really disheartening. I will try my best to stick it out though. My first class tomorrow is Spanish and I think I’m gonna introduce myself to my teacher as “the American girl who most def doesn’t know any Spanish” or something like that. Yeah that sounds good.

Later today we went to the beach and the water was so heavenly warm it really cheered me up. Dinner was delicious too so my spirits are a bit higher now, although with tomorrow a’coming they’re a’sinking again. enveouibnuivnjevuinneiutbnv just one more day and shopping tomorrow and hiking Sunday I can dooooo thiiiisssss.

A few miscelleaneous (lolspelling) things:

Le Big Tasty is on ALL THE TIME. Still hilarious. Also on the jazz radio station they say “le funk” and “le groove.” Also hilarious.

My host dad keeps calling KFC JFK for some odd reason. I honestly start losing it when this happens. Especially since all I can think of is Harrison’s face frowning and shaking her head slowly.

I saw American Dad and the Simpsons today is French. Weird yet cool.

I also saw some boats in the ocean that had kiddie slides on them. I forgot to ask exactly what they were for, but they really looked like floating slides to me. I guess I could have been wrong though.

Mosquitoes keep insisting on biting me while I’m sleeping. I’m COVERED in mosquito bites. Like they’re on my face too. Pisses me off.

The kitten here is THE CUTEST OMG I LOVE HER SHE’S ADORABLE thing in the whole world. But she can also be quite vicious and likes to taunt butterflies before tearing them apart and eating them. She also likes jumping up on the sink and playing with the stream of water. Speaking of said kitten, I was on the toilet and the window (which is shaped like a circle, basically like a porthole on a boat) was open. I thought to myself with a chuckle how weird it would be if someone stuck their head in or something. And then, literally the moment after I thought it, the cat comes careening in through the window. And these windows are pretty far off the ground outside. I don’t even know how she managed it. Scared the shit out of me though.

I don’t really know what else to write but I felt like I should end it with a different paragraph. So I am. Bye now.



  1. Katelyn, many years ago when I was in France, I learned to say to an attractive woman “I am by myself, may I sit with you” in French? This was before I married your Mother of course. (She probably would not like me to say that now.) Anyway, my point is that being in a foreign country might make it easier to take these sorts of interpersonal risks. If you screw up the language or the person doesn’t want to sit with you, he just says no. And you move onto the next fellow. Perhaps easier said than done. Also, you could try in French, can I have a ham and cheese sandwich?

    And would you tell your host Dad who JFK is, and RFK, etc? He really should get that right. LOL.

    We have a new computer. Skype me. Daddoo

  2. Everyone is a foreigner — most places!

    An excellent blog, Kately. I will be back.

  3. Allo Katelyn! Tis Sydney. I haf been reading this and I just want to share with you how jealous I am. I too am very shy girl bittish, but I know it will work out for you eventually. But, I juss wanted you to know that I will basically be spending my boringly american senior year living vicariously through you. P.S. Comment est ton plans pour uni?

  4. ohhh gosh! it sounds so scary! i know it’s been a while since then, so i hope things have become easier for you! i wish you more and more and more luck in your quest through france. i feel like i’m experiencing it with you through your blog, it’s so so super! ima read some more! like, right now! yayayay!
    😉 caroline

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