Posted by: katelyninfrance | September 6, 2009

As I write this there is a kitten chasing a ball back and forth next to me.

I LOVE THIS CAT. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. SHE IS SO CUTE. But not when she tries to destroy my things. Which is like most of the time. D:

Anyways, it’s been a little while and a lot has happened, so I have quite a bit to write. Hopefully this will go well.

So Friday! My first actual day of school. First class: Spanish. So like if there is anything more confusing than going to school in a language you don’t fully understand, it is learning a second language you don’t understand in said language you don’t fully understand. Or something. I introduced myself to the teacher with an awkward “lol I’m American my French sucks sorry” and she was like “well that’s fine this is Spanish class” and I was like “lolol my Spanish is even worse you have no idea.” So I just kinda sat down. This girl ended up sitting next to me, and basically I’d turn to her every couple minutes with a “comment elle dit?!?!?!” and she’d try to explain to me in stuttering frenglish what the fonk was going on. The teacher handed out a short article in Spanish, and since Spanish has lots of similarities to French, and since I’ve taken Spanish before and have some sort of supa powered memory sometimes, I could basically sort of understand what was written most of the time. But then she was asking questions about what it was about and I was like- lol I dun kno how to make a sentence in Spenish lol. And then when there were words the class didn’t know, she’d say “oh this means this” except it was in French so I still didn’t know what it meant. Talk about confusing. What a weird hour.

Next was French. Sadly my teacher is awfully boring. But at least he seemed somewhat considerate f my handicap. Spanish teacher over there didn’t freaking even try to talk to me at all after my introduction. Anyways, French teacher looks like the kind of guy that was probably really attractive in his younger days. And I mean, he still is, I’m just 17 and not 50. So yeah. But that class was confusing as heck since we were reading poetry and such in French and it was like- lol can I read kid’s books dis too haard.” So me and the German girl I mentioned last post just kinda stared dumbstruck at him for awhile and then moved to staring dumbstruck at the poetry we were handed. Eheh.

Then English. We walk in and the teacher says in a cute Irish accent, “we will be speaking English all the time in this class!” and I was like- yay! She is an amazingly nice teacher, funny and considerate. I only wish my French teacher was as engaging, since I know English pretty damn well and such already. But at least she kinda keeps the class from being too boring I guess.

Well school was weird but I made it through and once it was over it was time for the weekend yay!!! My host dad and I went down to the beach (I go to the beach almost every day if you didn’t get this already) and ended up seeing that Italian friend I mentioned before. So it turns out his name is Mirco, not Mircoles. Mircoles is def Spanish for Wednesday. And I am definitely an idiot. Anyways, they managed to coerce me onto a surfboard which I immediately fell off of as soon as a wave came by. Ah well. Later that night my host fam minus Carla went to my first French dinner party at Mirco’s house. It was a “goodbye to your house” party, since he’s moving out because he just got divorced. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. So adult French dinner parties seem to consist of tasty food, 70s music, and lots of alcohol. That’s all I really have to say. Lol.

Saturday I relaxed and stuff and went to the beach again. But today was awesome amazing super fantastic x1000 pizzas! I went to the Gorges du Verdon with my third host family, aka the one with the 17 year old boy I’ll be staying with. Guess what? He’s attractive! Yayayay! As soon as I saw him (I was awkwardly on the ground petting their cutey cute cat) Handel’s Hallelujah started a’rising up from the floorboards. Kinda. Anyways, we went kayaking/canoeing in perhaps the most beautiful place I have ever seen ever. There are pictures on my facebook, so check them out! It was tons of fun, but also very tiring, and I got blisters on my thumbs from kayaking hard on the way back. We had a nice French picnic lunch complete with baguettes and cheese, and the weather was lovely. I feel like French people are very friendly/jokey with other French strangers. Like it’s a tad awkward to just kinda call out to someone doing their own thing in America, but in France, you start having a conversation and everyone’s laughing and it’s really rather nice. 

Well, I’m really tired now and I have school tomorrow morning, so this is a bit shorter than expected, but yeah I go sleep. Before I go though, I just want to thank everyone who comments on my blog. I may not respond individually to every comment, but I really appreciate every single one. It’s a great feeling to see that “someone has commented!” e-mail in my inbox, especially when times are tough. So thank you all so much! Well, goodnight now!



  1. wowww! “We had a nice French picnic lunch complete with baguettes and cheese, and the weather was lovely.” oh man, that sounds sooo good! it sounds like a fairytale! or dream! or something! i see it now, ah so serene. “handels hallelujah” LOLZ awesome. and i love how people are just cool like that there with strangers. we could use some of that in america. oh and spanish, in french, oh man. good luck. you can do it. you supa humaaaannn. hahaha. and and and i LOVE your title, it’s sooo good to know you are the same katelyn that i saw like…25 days ago, something like that. have a great time! love love love, caroline, *HUGS*

  2. oh and P.S.
    lolololololzzzz “goodbye to your house party”. since he’s moving out because he just got divorced. lmao. but it really does sound fun! lol! i wish i could say hey, tell me all all all about it face to face when you get home. but…you probably won’t remember so vividly by then, haha, so im trying to take it in as vividly now as i can. coolness. 😀 talktoyoulaterz! -ce

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