Posted by: katelyninfrance | September 7, 2009

Why Howdy thar!

So I don’t really have much to say today or anything but being the silly teenage girl I am I have to report on this. So remember that guy with the name like vjksndvkjengrvdyyyyzyzyzyzyzyzyz that is actually slightly tall? WELL TODAY I sat next to him in French class and tried out my best “comment il dit?” along with a cute deer-in-headlights look and he helped meeeeee!!! Also I sat with him and Samantha (German girl who speaks fluent English) at lunch and HE SAID MY ACCENT WAS CUTE HOLY CRAP YES. Um I’m def gonna be learnin’ some French from him. Eheh. Heh.

Uh this is gonna be a ridiculously short update otherwise so I guess I’ll say some other stuff too? History class makes me laugh because obvs its all about France/Europe but if we were doing American history I feel like I’d own this class. But that’s okay, I pretty much own English. Like the teacher asked to read a really simple paragraph out loud and a French boy said “beautiful!” and everyone was all- wow! Muahaha my mastery of the English language! French, not so much. More confusion. Lots of it. 

Also I keep seeing these attractive boys in the hallway and it’s like- WHY AREN’T THEY IN MY CLASS. I feel like they’re probs in Terminale, which is the equivalent of 12th grade, which I’m not in because Terminale is basically entirely about studying with your nose to the grindstone for the bac, which is the test that pretty much determines your entire future and stuff. So it’s a lot of tough work and studying outside of class and long hours of crap. Everyone I’ve talked to, exchange student or French teen, has recommended Premiere, aka 11th grade, to exchangers. Which is what I’m in. Every once in awhile though I pull that lolKatelyn double guessing thing and think about whether I’d be happier in Terminale because they’re my age. But I try to think of how I wouldn’t have met the Germans/ inwrfoenrfeinrzzzzyzyzyzyzyz boy (whose name I know but am too worried to put on here just in case someone reads this and is like LOL WUT except they probably could tell because as a writer I pride myself on detail er I dunno let’s just call him Yzzyz kay) and how lots of extra work/hours of school wouldn’t exactly be fun, even if I do get to look at cute boys. But oh, how nice it is to look at cute boys. OKAY HORMONES THAT’S ENOUGH STOP IT. Oh hey Yzzyz is actually my age, turning 18 in October. DAMMIT I SAID STOP THAT.

Er, I think that’s all now. Yeah I’m gonna stop before this turns even more self incriminating. Also no one has commented/probably even read my last post which was long and detailed and full of important non-silly-teenage-girl things so yeah please read that and don’t judge me. D:



  1. Dear Katelyn,

    Tee hee! See, we told you there would be gorgeous French boys who would fall madly in love with you. Gah I can’t believe we’re starting school in a little less than 12 hours, and you will be in France rather than in class with us. I think I’m finally starting to realize the whole year-long thing, and it makes me very sad. Good luck with your classes, have fun kicking but in English, and take advantage of all the sexy french boys you can…in the friendly “I need help studying way”….not the….yeah….you know….wow, I can’t believe I actually thought that. Bad Allison, Bad. Can you tell I was immersed in raunchy yet hilarious Renaissance Faire humor yesterday? Lol.

    Love and many virtual hugs and pickles…

    • Hi Katelyn:
      Congratulations on your blog! It’s a lot of fun to read and I feel like I’m there experiencing it with you!!
      I am a friend of your father’s in Ardmore Rotary, and I was so sorry that I didn’t get a chance to meet you and hear your little talk before you left. We were in Italy with our 10 year-old granddaughter. And we kept a blog of our trip too- actually my husband did it – it’s “ Check it out, and that’s what you have to look forward to when you are old and grey!!!
      I hope you are just having the time of your life. The spot looks absolutely beautiful, and how wonderful to be so near the beach! I hope you get a chance to travel to other countries while you are there. You are having a wonderful education in many different ways!
      Keep up your spirits. I know your dad misses you, but he knows that he has to give his daughter this chance to fly away from the nest and spread her wings.
      Take care, stay safe, and I’ll be checking out your blog from time to time.
      Jane Williams

  2. Katelyn, I am commenting on your blog. May I suggest you stay far away from those teenage boys? Or, alternatively, I can fly over and have a brief discussion with them. LOL. Daddoo

  3. To “look at” shouldn’t be any problem! It is whatever doesn’t involve “look at” that you should worry about, Dad. But that wouldn’t get into the blog, I guess. So: Do worry to be on the safe side!

  4. Katelyn,

    I suggest you ask Havard and dear old Dad how many times they prayed that girls were lusting after them at age 17. 🙂 🙂

  5. i came to comment to suggest a facebook tag of this lovely pumpkin, but now i’m just laughing at these comments..huh…. LOL. talk to you soon!
    ❤ caroline

  6. HI!
    i know you dont know me… omg i feel like such a stalker but i found you on cultures shocked. i am an exchange student in toulon with EF…and unfortuatly with ef i am the ONLY student with in an 3hour radius. i just wanted to say its REALLY nice to know that there are others around and that you have inspired me to write a blog too.

  7. Aww, thank you so much for visiting and commenting! Don’t worry about feeling like a stalker, I’ve done the same thing on other cultures shockeder’s blogs ahaha.
    I hope things are going well for you in Toulon! I’ll hopefully be heading there a bit with some other exchange students this break and you should def come along. 🙂

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