Posted by: katelyninfrance | September 11, 2009


First let me say that I absolutely loved all of the comments left on my last post. I should def post more silly teenage girl things someday. So good. 

So, the title of this post is the way that the southern French (who are known for a strong accent) pronounce the word “oui”, which as you should all know means yes. At the beginning I’d pronounce it like “wee”, how I’d been taught in French class. I don’t know whether I’m actually developing a bit of an accent or it’s just fun to copy everyone, but now I say “way” and it’s so cool I feel like a native yaayyy!

Uh I don’t really know what to write here, I’m really just doing this to waste time as my family guy episode loads. It’s taking far too long. Augh.

Sooooo… today I spoke a good amount of French. It was a good day. I bought myself a pain au chocolat, which is a chocolate croissant for those not in the know, and IT WAS DELICIOUS. I also pulled the whole “je voudrais” conversation with all the vocab learned in class at Haverford. Eheh. I met some of Manon’s friends (Manon is this French girl that I basically follow around everywhere. Dear god she has the patience of a saint I swear.) today and they were all very nice. Also spoke broken French to both my spanish teacher (lolspanish is all I have to say about that class) and french teacher, which was interesting. So I’ve started becoming friendly with more people, which is a really good feeling let me tell you. I ride the bus with this girl and her brother who spent 3 years in the UK so they speak perfect English, along with a boy named Benjamin who is friends with them/in my class/reminds me far too much of Shane. It’s really quite strange, if he had red hair they would be the same person really. They call him Jesus sometimes which is hilarious, especially since he really does have a likeness to Jesus. No sacreligion (def not a word) meant there, all in good fun!

We had our first gym class yesterday. It was basically like all first gym classes- lots of explanation but not much actual gym. So in France you pick out a “menu” for gym, which is a list of three or four activities that you will do during the year. So you actually have a bit of a choice, which is nice. I chose the menu with swimming/perhaps synchronized swimming (actually really hoping for this), basket/handball (hoping for handball), tennis, and dance/acrosport (I was told this involves climbing on top of people). It was a pretty easy choice because the other two menus both had a running a lot/track sport whose French name is escaping me at the moment, and dear god do I hate running. Also this one was the only one that had a possibility of dance. And despite sounding really dorky, synchronized swimming does excite me. The only problem is that there are no boys at all in this menu, which I guess is to be expected since it’s more a “girl menu” anyway, but still kinda sad. Perhaps we’ll all swim together though? I hope so. 

I made a discovery recently. A very positive one, in fact. It turns out that mangas here in France are cheaper than mangas in the US and are better quality. Lolyeeeeessssss!!!! Dude you have no idea how exciting this is. I honestly went on like a 20 minute walk during my free hour to go buy a French manga which involved an adventure of asking random French people where the hell to pay for it who then responded with a “telephone?” and I was like “no I buy this” and said adventure caused me to be a bit late to French class which was embarrassing but sooooo worth it because I am a sad guilty manga freak. I’m rather ashamed of it but I love them so muuuuccchhhhhh. Also I’m operating under the excuse that reading in French will help my French, which is true. So maybe my comprehension is moving slowly, but hopefully my reading will zoop (yes, zoop) up really fast! Speaking of comprehension, today while in French class I came up with this little trick that helps me A LOT to understand when my teachers are speaking. I sort of imagine that there are subtitles when they are speaking, like I visualize the words they are saying into written text in my head. As weird as this sounds it actually really helps me make sense of things, especially since French is notorious for being a very fluid language in which it is difficult to pick out individual words, especially when your teacher is speaking a mile a minute while using quite a healthy vocabulary. Speaking of French class (speaking of is a good phrase, I must find an equivalent in French), there is nothing more fun than analyzing poetry in a language you find difficult to understand when reading books of a much lower caliber. Oh joy. 

GOD DAMMIT FAMILY GUY HASN’T EVEN LOADED HALFWAY WHAT IS THIS. I might just go to sleep. How do these posts always end up so long? I don’t even mean to do it, it just happens. Not a bad thing I suppose, right? Well, I’m not quite sure what I’m up to this weekend (although I do believe my host dad is taking me to McDonalds which makes me far more excited than it should) but I’m looking forward to it none the less. And I’ll be sure to keep you all updated! Okay, maybe “be sure” is a bit too strong a phrase, more like “hopefully” or “perhaps” or “who even knows lol”. Naaahhh I’ll update this, no worries. It actually rather helps me keep things aligned in my head and in perspective, you know? Yeah. Well, good night everybody!



  1. Hi Katelyn,

    Just checking in to say hello and tell you that I look forward to reading your blog posts.

    So, when you go to McDonald’s this weekend are you going to get “le big tasty?” 🙂

    BTW-that visualization strategy for french is an excellent one!

    Your experience with the french teacher reminds me of my experience as an exchange student in Mexico a few hundred years ago. I had a spanish class “Idiomas/Idioms”. The professor spoke so quickly and since most of what he talked about was related to idioms-I don’t think I understood a darn thing the entire semester. I just remember he laughed a lot and I had no idea why. 🙂



  2. I love reading your blogs. The longer, the better (and it’s not just because I’m family) Everyone whom I talk to, who are reading your blogs, think they’re great!!

    Have “Le Big Tasty” for me.


  3. Send 4 Le Big Tasties via UPS. Will send you a phone and maybe that way people will not think you are phoneless. Daddoo

  4. SO, its that crazy stalker person again…
    sorry i didnt comment back sooner but i forgot, Which is something i really do a lot of these days. anyway… so if youre ever in toulon you should flick me a text and we can compare notes over a croissant or n^important quoi.
    Anna x

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