Posted by: katelyninfrance | September 21, 2009

Tu l’as trouvé!

So I was totally gonna write this yesterday but I was supaa tired and I’m supaa tired tonight also but I love you guys too much to put it off another day. Especially you, Caroline. I checked my e-mail today and there were like 293857385673954 e-mails like- NEW COMMENT LOL and I was like “omg yay”. Thanks everyone for commenting, I know I’ve said this before but I love love love them. 😀

Sooooooo, the title of this post! Well, today when waiting for the bus with Manon I started talking about how ya’ll were telling me to find a French boy why I was here. (This sprung from a conversation about prom. It so funny, she was like- wait, you took a dance class with Abel at school??) So there is this kid whose name is escaping me (why does this happen ALL THE TIME) that follows us around quite a bit and is pretty annoying/weird. Like even I can tell and I can’t always understand what he’s saying. Anyway, I was joking with her and said the above sentence, tu l’as trouvé, which means “you found him” right after talking about how I am supposed to find a guy. LOL. Her reaction was so good. She was like- I think I will punch him like in the movies and he will fall to the ground! Ahaha, everytime he shows up I start laughing. Gotta stop that.

Sunday aka yesterday I met my second host family (okay technically Saturday but we did stuff on Sunday so yeah). Remember how I said that my first host family is pretty well off? Did I ever say that here? Maybe not. But yeah I meant to. ANYWAYS, this family is freaking ROLLING IN MONEY. I go into their house, which is within walking distance of Les Plages, the main beaches of Saint Cyr (aka more expensive) and am greeted by a huge flat screen TV, a new 24 inch imac, a pool, decorations and whatnot all over the place, a koi pond in their spacious backyard, and my own room complete with bathroom master-bedroom style (like the door to the bathroom is in the room so it’s mmiiinneeee) and apparently my own office/homework doing place. Uh, wow. But no, it gets better. You see, we were going on a boat ride. In their own boat. THEIR OWN BOAT. THEY OWN A BOAT. But not just any boat. THIS IS LIKE THE ROLLS-ROYCE OF BOATS. Dude it seriously has a leather-interior and wood paneled floors, and a detachable table, and a functioning sink and shower head, and a toilet. THIS BOAT HAS A TOILET. A TOILET. GUYS YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. Not to mention how ridiculously strong the motor is- we literally za-zoomed on the water, hopping over waves. The water furiously parted behind us like we were goddamn Moses or something. We were speeding by, wind in our hair, while other people in their litte rickety sailboats and dinky wooden tubs narrowed their eyes in envy. But we just flipped them off, continuing on, and that Glamorous song by Fergie or Gwen Stefani or whoever came on and we started dancing to it YMCA-style, moving our arms to shape out the letters. G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S-YEEAAAHHHHHH!!!!! That pretty much happened. Sh-yeah.

We had lunch on the boat right by the Beak D’Aigle, which is a giant rock formation that looks like, well, the beak of an eagle. And I discovered the deliciousness that is French mozzerella cheese. So I’ve always loved mozzerella. Perhaps my favorite cheest out of them all really. No way, I thought, could cheese makers even as talented as the French make the holiness that is mozzerella even more divine a cheese. BUT THEY DID. GOD IT WAS DELICIOUS. OVEHRIUEHTGUIHRTIWANTMOOORREEEE!!!

Right so anyways after the boat ride we went back to the house. I played French wii with my two host sisters, who are really nice actually. I was worried we’d have a bit of an awkward relationship, but we all got into playing Super Mario Galaxy, them shouting directions at me in French and me being like “ATTENDEZ JE NE COMPREND PAS TTRRROOOPPP VIIIITTTEEEEE AARRRÊÊÊTTTEEEEE!!!!!” Ahaha, good times. So I’m definitely happy that my second family is looking so good. I was worried I’d be really upset/lonely/omgwhy’dileave once I had to switch families, but it looks like all of my families are really cool in their own ways. Oh and did I mention they have a fat cat that doesn’t meow but “mas”? Because they do. And she’s AWESOME.

I should probably write a bit about last Thursday. I’m taking this optional music class, like I mentioned in my schedule post, and this past Thursday was my first class. It seems like it’s gonna be SOOOOO COOOOOLLLL. Like it looks like there are performance opportunities and he mentioned stuff about writing music and I think/hope we’ll be learning actual theory and stuff although I for serious could be wrong because yeah it was all in French and I am certainly understand a lot more than I did when I first arrived but I’m not super confident with it all yet. Aaaaannndddd, there is a supaa cute blonde (lol me and my blondes) boy who plays the piano in the class, and the teacher was def like “yeah so someone could maybe play the piano and Katelyn can sing” and I was like- YOUYOUYOUBLONDEBOYYOUUUUUUU. Yeah I found out that Yzyyz of w/e I said I’d call him has a girlfriend. And I saw them making out. Lol. Tis life, I guess. I feel like a lot of French people have boyfriends/girlfriends, like there are less single people than in the US. One of Carla’s friends was all shocked when I said I was single and said that if I had been in France for my whole life I would def have a boyfriend. So I’m taking that as a good sign. I hope.

It’s been raining a bit here, which is vveerrry infrequent, but when it does rain, it always goes all out. So after torrentially downpouring for a few days we won’t see any rain for three months. I’ve also been buying croissants/pains au chocolat like ALL THE TIme. Dude they are soooo goood I can’t even tell you. My host dad was coming to pick me up from the bus stop today and starting cracking up when he saw me chomping on yet another croissant. Whenever I like something it’s like brought to the attention of the rest of the family. So tonight there was an “elle adore les croissants” as well as “la chocolat suisse”. Guys my family got some swiss chocolate yesterday and I opened one like- yeah I’ll give this a try- but it is no lie THE BEST CHOCOLATE I HAVE EVER TASTED. I just sit there with my eyes closed letting the milky goodness envelop my tongue in layers of delicious cocoa wonder. So good. SO GOOD. AUGH I WANT SOME NOW. But I’m going to sleep now/have my retainers in so yeah not a good idea. À demain, then, mon chère chocolat.

French is certainly still difficult but I’ve made it to the point where I can now understand more than I can say. So like the language isn’t so foreign sounding to me anymore; I can tell when words begin and end, I can sort of sometimes maybe kinda know how words are spelled when spoken, which helps a lot since so many of our words are exactly the same but pronounced soooo differently. I guess I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

Well I’ve been writing this for an hour and I’m freaking tired as heck here all the time, which might have something to do with the constant effort it takes to understand people, so I’mma head to bed. And maybe this cat will stop meowing outside my door AUGH SHUT UP LAST TIME I LET YOU IN I HAD TO KEEP THE DOOR OPEN SO YOU COULD GO PEE AND I GOT BIT BY MOSQUITOES ON MY FACE DAMMIT. Being bit my mosquitoes on your face reeeaallly sucks let me tell you. 😦

Anyways, that’s all for now! I hope things are going well in H-town/wherever the heck you’re reading this from. Night!



  1. So, I’m eating an Oreo and I thought it was pretty good, with half chocolate and half vanilla filling. Then, I read all about your chocolate goodness and it seems a little limp in comparison. Enjoy! I’m getting chocolate envy.

  2. hehe i love you too katelyn! the chocolate, the croissants, the boys..ahaha. and the cat who is ma-ing, lolz. i can’t wait for the day when you’re like LOLIFORGETENGLISSSHH and speaking french supa-fluent. good luck with those mosquitoes..face bites DO SUCK SOOO BAD i know man. and your host families sound really nice, pretty cool! and uh…RICH haha, soooo awesomeee!!!! ok well ima get back to videography class…ahaha..enjoy!

  3. AWW KATELYN i miss you so much. I’m sorry for my lack of commenting, I’ve been reading them as they come straight to my e-mail, so I can never comment unless I take the time to go onto this site and everything and i’m totally LAAAZYYY. except today. I had an hour to spare and a computer and was like, “LET ME UPDATE ON KATELYN’S LIFE!!! I’M BEHIND IN HER BLOG!”

    I keep expecting to see you in chorus, but alas, I go *facepalm* and then go sad. I wanted to see Fame as it came out in theaters (even though I expected it would suck-and was not let down) and was like, “I want to go with a dancer friend. Or a music friend. oooh katelyn’s both I never see her lets call… she’s in HOLYBAJEEZUSFRANCE.”

    this keeps happening. frown.

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