Posted by: katelyninfrance | September 25, 2009

Kay if I don’t do this now I never will.

And that’s the truth. Okay, starting from Wednesday I guess.

As you all should know, Wednesdays are my “lol three hours of school yay” days. I wanted to do something fun rather than just hanging around the house, so I ended up walking to Les Calanques, aka this beautifuuuuuullllll beach about 10-15 minutes from my house. Now, all of the beaches are beautiful, but this one is BEAUTIFUL. So I was pretty psyched. Anyways, me being me, I of course got lost. I was just kinda walking around (it’s all forest, like I’ve said before the site is protected by the French government) and suddenly found myself on a cliff high above the most beautiful beach I had ever seen. Somehow managing to maneuver myself to the foot of the cliff, I took a good look around. It was very secluded, not too big and sort of pocketed in the side of the cliff, so it was surrounded by high rocky crags and shrubbery and the like. It had stones instead of sand, a bunch of smooth white stones that decreased in size as you got closer to the shore. And dear god the water. The most beautiful aquamarine ever. A jadey green/blue, so clear that you could see down for miles. Warm and refreshing. Guys it was so pretty. It was like those blue blue blue seas you see in pictures of the Bahamas or something except this one was prettier because it was tinted green. But not an ugly green, beautiful and translucent and seafoam. So anyways, there was no one there except for me, some guy snorkeling for like 230958384753942 years, some people on a boat quite a ways offshore, and this random middle-aged man. After hanging out for awhile I realized that I should probably like, I dunno, find the actual beach I was headed to in the first place. So I asked this guy where Les Calanques were, and he was like “lolwut” and I was like “lolapparentlyIcan’tpronouncethiscorrectly” and he was like “askmeinEnglish” and I was like “yeahstillcan’tpronounceitbutluckilyIhaveamapcheckitout” and he was like “ohheyI’mheadingthatwayanywaywouldyoulikemetoshowyoutheway” and I was like “deargodyesI’mjustgonnagetlostotherwise”. So we started out on a bit of a hike that was mostly uphill and involved climbing over rocks and tree roots and dang it was tiring. But we got into a really nice conversation; it turns out he was from outside of Frankfurt and was in France on a bit of a holiday. I of course told him how I’m an exchange student and all and was like “Dude I want to visit Germany so bad” and he was like “If you ever want to visit for a couple of days or something, you can stay at my house with my wife and kids” and I know from an American standpoint that sounds creepin’ but we’re in Europe here, it’s different. Incredibly generous and kind, but not creepin’. Also like I told my dad he had pllleeennnttyyyy of time to rape me while during our hike (I mean yeah it was pretty secluded) if that’s what he was after. Lol please ignore that last sentence it sounds awful. But anyways I’ve always considered myself a pretty good judge of character and he seemed quite sincere, and I don’t even know if I’ll end up taking him up on his offer but he gave me his e-mail address and it just makes me feel good to meet someone genuinely kind and such. It really was a nice walk. Also Frankfurt yay.

So Thursday was my second music class, in which I was asked to prepare a piece to perform for everyone. Since attractive blonde boy was in my class, I was determined to do well. In fact Manon and I now have a chant whenever we must do something difficult- For *insertnameherelolstillkindaembarassedaboutputtingnameshere*! So I walked into music class like- BITCH IMMA DO THIS- and lol, he wasn’t there. Turns out he dropped the class for some unexplained reason. jnasuibfnuiebrgiuvwbvcwiun was my reaction. I ended up singing Alma Del Core because that’s my fallback Italian song so it would seem, and I got quite a bit of applause, which was nice. There is a slightly less attractive piano player in the class so it would seem I’ll be shifting my sights to him. Am I a desperate freak? Apparently. Wow Katelyn. I kind of hate myself for this attitude but GOD I WANT A FRENCH BOY I’M SORRY. I’m thinking about cornering blonde kid in the hallway and being like- wtf dude, so we’ll see if that happens or not. My host dad said that if he heard my voice he’d stay in the class. I love my host fam. 🙂

I have gym on Thursdays right before music class and we were swimming since the pool was actually open this week. We did sort of a swimming test which was seriously a pain in the butt especially since she was writing notes on us and it was as tiring as anything. I ended up getting placed in the 2nd group, which is the one for people who aren’t fish but also aren’t big blocks of metal. I am fairly pleased.

Fridays are my language days. I have Spanish, French, English, then more French. Manon wasn’t there in the morning because she was sick and it was like “ohgodwhereareyouuuummmaaannoooonnnnn” but I managed to survive. I sat with Sarah during Spanish and sort of by myselfish during French except annoying kid I mentioned earlier kept being well, annoying, and it seems like the other kids found this quite amusing and then I sat with this other girl names Manon (why is everyone named Manon here srsly) during English and then magically my Manon appeared before my final class. Do you guys enjoy these ridiculous obviously incorrect run-off sentences of doom? Because they’re kinda fun to write. I’m sort of writing how’d I’d speak, you know? Screw grammar. I’ll be using that in college. Anyways, today in French class we were matching up literary terms to their definitions and examples. I knew most of the terms but of course everything being in French made it much more difficult. When we wre going over things, however, I found I had gotten a couple right, so that felt good. There was also this one question that no one had the answer to (can’t quite remember the term and am too lazy to go check the paper) and I sheepishly squeaked out what I thought it was in a mouse-like French voice. And it was right! I felt like I was walking on air, I smiled all smugly and stuff. It was one question and yet it felt like the greatest thing in the world. Yay good feelings.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Aix en Provence (Aix is pronounced like ehx) which apparently absolutely gorgeous and an amazing place to shop. So I’ll hopefully be buying a bunch of cute French clothes. They have a lot of brand names like Dior and the like there, so maybe I’ll get one thing from a place like that, but I’m not too hot on spending hundreds of Euros on brand name stuff. We’ll see.

I’ve been becoming facebook friends with a couple of the people in my class, which is pretty cool. Especially when the friend me, and like I feel like they’d have to really look for me and all since I’m American and everything. I dunno. Did I mention I’m ridiculously insecure here? Because yeah, I am. 

I miss you guys a ton. Hope all is going well. À bientot!



  1. My Dearest Katelyn,

    I LOVETH YOUUUUUUUU!…Lol, yup that’s about it. I was having kind of a rough day, but your blog made me smile. Miss you muchly as always!!!!!!!!!!!


    p.s. I am very glad you did not get raped by a German man. 😛

  2. hehe it sounds like you had a nice chat with a german man! hellz yeah! once again, it’s sad that america has to be so anti-social..i think that’s the word i’m looking for. i think my dad still feels that way too about america when comparing it to austria/germany/other places in europe. poo. anyways, keep your head up! oh and you should totalllyyy corner that mr. mysterious blonde, ahaha. maybe in a more not so hostile way though. yeah. lol. we love you! enjoy the weekend and the sshoppping!
    love, caroline

  3. p.s. i do enjoy your crzy run-off sentences of doom.. A LOT
    kbye 🙂

  4. Have fun shopping for lots of great clothes. The run on sentences are entertaining, although I do have to think some to separate the words of those without spaces. Mysterious blonde boy should hear you sing!

  5. ooooooo-er I would die if blonde guy lefffffft you takes it very wells.
    Speaking of college, are you applying right now from France, or waiting a year or what? How are you getting your transcript ‘nd all? I’m just curiousousous

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