Posted by: katelyninfrance | October 1, 2009

C’est octooobbbreeeee!!!!

Can you believe it?! Because I sure can’t. The days themselves are fairly slow but then like- LOL 5 WEEKS WUT and it’s like- huhwait? Well, I’m in an awfully good mood right now so I figured I’d do some updating. I have some emo poems I was gonna post but I’m thinking I’ll save those for a time when I am feeling more emo. I did, however, right an emo poem in French today, which I think is pretty darn fly. And emo. Don’t forget emo.

Sooooo today was Thursday, aka my long day. At the beginning of Thursday its like this UNCONQUERABLE RIDICULOUS SO MUCH day but then when it’s done I normally feel pretty content. We swam again today, and dear freaking god was it tiring. She was like- kay first you do four laps with three different strokes. Okay. Panting but still alive. Then- now do four front stroke. Okay, kinda getting tired now. Then- now do four breast stroke. Augh tired stop this too muuuccchhhhh. Then- now do four backstroke. AJKBEFKWJRBFERJB. Then- NOW DO TWO FRONT STROKE AND IMMA TIME YOU PLUS YOU HAVE TO DIVE. Me: 😦

After the ridiculously tiring auhgeithnginerg-ness, we ended up doing a bit of synchronized swimming. Guys I can’t even explain how strange and oddly entertaining it is to do this. Especially since we all have to work together and it’s like- OKAY KATELYN *french french* DO YOU UNDERSTAND. And most of the time I do and it’s really fun because we’re all laughing and trying to make an étoile with our feet or swim in a perfect ligne. It’s really rather weird but I’m finding that I’m sort of enjoying it, so that’s nice. I’m also really liking this yayendorphins high I’m getting afterwards. It’s pretty damn tiring during it, but I feel pretty damn great once I’m done. I guess it’s like those people who do track and the like? I could never imagine exercising that much before, but now that I don’t really have a choice I’m sort of seeing the attraction to it. Who knew?

Today I also met a German boy who is in France to pass the bac and also his father is French. It was so great meeting him because like I could talk like my normal lolkatelyn self and for serious I felt like I was really using that part of me for the first time since I’ve gotten here. Like it’s difficult in French because even though I can flail my arms in any language, merging together words into new ones and talking in chatspeak in French and generally just letting myself be crazy is another matter. I think that’s honestly one of the things I miss the most- being able to be all silly with everyone at home. Silly and sarcastic and intelligent and slightly flirty, perhaps. In French I feel like a big dumb snail. 

So this past weekend I went to a bunch of awesometastic places. Saturday I went to Aix-en-Provence, and GUYS I THINK I LOVE AIX. It’s just beautiful and so old and awesome winding streets lined with French boutiques and in the center no cars are allowed and it’s so multi-cultural (well for France at least). And it was reeaalllyyy strange, because apparently they were having an American day or something that day, which my host fam said is very unusual. They were like- it’s for you, Katelyn! And I was like- okay. There were some awkward western line-dancers and a bunch of American cars that everyone thought were the coolest things ever. Like honestly there was a police car and all the French were like- OMG WOA. I was there all cool like- yeah, c’est très normale pour moi, l’américaine qui viens des États-Unis vous etes jalouses QUOI MAINTENANT?! The sad thing was that in the police car was a McDonalds cup and I got all self-righteous defeating stereotypes Katelyn and was like- C’EST PAS VRAI NOUS NE SOMMES PAS COMME ÇA ARRÈTE VOTRE STÉREOTYPES. And Mirco, the Italian guy who I mention all the time because I see him all the time, was like no no it’s true. And I was like- NO IT’S NOT. And he was like- yes it is, and us Italians only eat pasta and ravioli. And I was like- oh it was a joke. And he was like- yeah but the sad thing is that it’s pretty true with Italians. Okay, he didn’t really say the last line but yeah. They eat a lot of pasta. 

Sunday I went to Cassis, which is where Sam the German girl lives. I didn’t have her phone number or anything so I didn’t really have any way of contacting her in advance though. We drove there by the most beautiful winding road through the mountains in the ENTIRE WORLD I have pictures I need to put on facebook but guys for serious it was soooo pretty. And Cassis was great too! Another little beach town. They all have their own charms, I think! I ended up buying a fun French shirt and we also got ice cream from Italy, I got lemon, and HOT DAMN IT WAS GOOD. I finished it and my host dad was only like halfway through his and he was like- déja?! and I was like- OUI.

Finally, on Monday at like 5 PM ish I went to Le Castlellet with my host mom. GUYS. THIS TOWN IS A FREAKING CASTLE. Like for serious it dates to the middle ages and from the outside it has those spires and columns and the like and you need to walk up stairs to get in it and the whole thing is made out unevenly cut stone because well yeah the middle ages and it has so many beautiful flowers and grasses and cacti (I love the word cacti) and there were dogs all over the place and lovelovelovelove. Most of the stores were closed though, since it was a Monday evening/afternoon in the not-tourist season. My host mom said we’d go back on a Saturday and hopefully they’d be open. And I can’t wait because there is the most gorgeous view on a little walkway through one of the wall’s arches and I can just see myself sitting there and writing for hours. ❤

This weekend is my first actual Rotary event, unless of course you count awkwardly chatting/sitting with a bunch of old French men for a half hour before they handed over my sacred 70 euros. I’m pretty psyched; we’re going to Saint Tropé (lolspelling) which is apparently like the most beautiful town ever and guys every town here is freaking gorgeous so this should be like freaking heaven or something I guess. And I think we might be wine-tasting? I dunno, but I’m very excited to see all the exchange students again/meet new ones! Being with others going through the same stuff I am is really rather helpful. Mmhmm.

I’m thinking I’ll draw this post to a close now. I’ll probs update about the Rotary Saturday later and stuff, so we’ll just have to see whether that will be before, after, or at the same time as my emo poetry post. Look forward to that one. Lol. Well, bye everyoonnneeee!!!!

Love Katelyn (yes I’m signing my own blog this time kay)



  1. Katelyn, emo? imma? aubgei…? What are these words, Katelyn? What would your English teacher say? A great metaphor, a big dumb snail, and so graphic. Sometimes I feel that way myself. I must use it in my writing. Must I give you credit? Sounds like you’re having a good time and that’s good. I remain, your Father.

  2. The Aix-en-Provence story was really funny Katelyn. I love reading your posts. I hope you post some pictures soon.

    Did Dad tell you that I was able to hang out with Bosley for the first time ever the other night?



  3. i miss your lolkatelyn self! also i can totally see you being all about synchronized… the water. but not like dancing dancing, just, synchronized…pretty… ahaha. also it’s pretty cool how you get to go on these amazing adventures to these places with historical significance and scenery and stuff (lol stuff). prettty awesome. i hope it’s all great!

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