Posted by: katelyninfrance | October 13, 2009

At laasssttt!!!!

In my normal fashion I will begin by explaining the title of this post- after a long weekend of hopeless waiting, my internet and phone have FINALLY returned. There was this awkward 20 minute storm really early friday morning that just happened to knock down a telephone pole/line/thing and since we are in the middle of nowhere, France, and well yeah this is France aka who wants to work when we can just eat cheese and wear berets I was without internet all weekend long. It was sad. Very sad. But now it is back and I am happy! ISN’T IT FUNNY HOW MY MOODS ARE TOTALLY CONNECTED TO THINGS BEYOND MY CONTROL AND THUS HAVE NO SANE PATTERN/BEARING/MEDIUM WHATSOEVER YEAH NO IT’S NOT.

Soooo… what has happened since last wednesday? Weeellll, Saturday night me and mah fam went to a friend’s house in Aix for dinner. So this family is probably the richest family in the history of ever pretty much. They have a remote controlled gate to keep cars out. A REMOTE CONTROLLED GATE. WHAT. It was really fun at parts because there was this little french boy who was playing pokemon and me being the nerd I am was like- OMG POKEMON and so he went through his list of pokemon asking if I knew them and it was like LOL JE CONNAIS TOUT WHAT A FREAK but it was still a good time. Except he could hardly understand a word I said, probs due to the accent and all. I did a lot of miming that night. Lol.

Sunday (or was it Saturday wow I can’t remember) my host dad took me to this big mall-like place called Auchan that has a picture of a bird as their mascot because he knew that I was viciously searching for slightly affordable boots (guys seriously everything is expensive here and all but shoes are RIDICULOUS) and he knew there were some there. So now I am the proud owner of a beautiful pair of gray French boots with some belt-like thingies on the sides. I feel so French today, with my French boots, skinny jeans, and flowy French silk top. DID I MENTION I LOVE THE FASHION HERE? BECAUSE GOD DAMN I DO. While at Auchan I also decided to be a dork and check out the mangas because well, I am a dork. So we went into the books section and I looked ahead and there was this huge shelf with the word MANGA written in big red letters. I almost died. I mumbled a quick “je veux aller la-bas pour regarder les livres lolbai” to my host dad and dashed over, standing in front of the shelves and letting the almighty manga-ness wash over my like the waves of the sea. Wow that last sentence wasn’t nerdy in the last. Pas du tout. Anyways, I ended up finding the Tales of Symphonia manga, which they haven’t even translated into English omg I love you France it’s like my favorite video game I’m such a nerd but dear god was I ridiculously happy, and also bought some random thing called Kobato or whatsit that I think is about some stuffed animal that turns into a person but it looked kinda cute and WHO NEEDS MONEY I’M IN FRANCE. Well I’m operating under the excuse that reading these will help with my French to lessen the guilt/ultimate dorkiness that ensues from buying over 30 euros worth of manga. Oh Katelyn.

Oh hey, before I forget, on Friday night I went  star gazing with my third host family, aka the one with the attractive 17 year old son who apppaanrently has a girlfriend (I seriously just found this out while facebook stalking him just now weird timing right) and it was really fun! Actually it was kinda boring at times because this French guy KEPT TALKING AND TALKING ABOUT STARS IN FRENCH AND I WAS LIKE- THAT’S ENOUGH KTHX. Well I ended up getting a French hot dog (I don’t even know guys) and hanging a bit with my host mom since my host brother was being pissy or something, so it was nice in general. I also want to say how I love how I’m friends with my host brother on facebook and my blog is linked on my facebook and he could easily come read this although I suppose it is in English and all. To Emeric- sorry ilu let’s be friends.

Well today/yesterday were fairly good days because I had some interesting conversations with my classmates and stuff. I had a lesson in French curse words on Monday and it was SO FUNNY because one girl would say the phrase/word in French and then this guy would translate it and then I’d repeat. It was hilarious. I can’t even begin to tell you. And today we had this class called TPE where we basically prepare a presentation for April, and since it’s so far away and all, we were just kinda talking and not working at all. It was fun because Roman (the guy who was doing the translating) asked me what I remembered from the lesson and I was like- lol just tie-guhl (this is the phonetic spelling since I don’t know the actual spelling French spelling is weird as heck let me tell you also it means shut up) and everyone starting cracking up and I was like- wait what and they were like- your accent is adorable and I was like- oh thanks. So then Emma took out her phone and made me say it again so she could have it recorded for blackmail or whatever. Ahaha, good times.

Tomorrow I’m eating at McDonald’s with my host sister after school (half day Wednesdays=LOVE) and this weekend I’ll be hopefully hitting up Toulon with two fellow exchange students. OMG I ALMOST FORGOT THE BEST NEWS EVER. THIS FALL BREAK (yes fall break be jealous) I WILL BE GOING TO NORWAY. NORWAY. NOOORRRWWAAAAYYYY. SO PSYCHED. Finally got the okay from Rotary and I’ll be spending time with some family friends. Guys you have no idea how excited I am for this. I CAN EAT BURGER KING. I mean see familiar faces. BUT SRSLY BURGER KING. I also found out that literally one week after our two week late winter/early spring break (continue to be jealous) my class is taking a one week trip to Greece. GREECE. WITH MY CLASS. YYEEESSSSSSSSSSS. And we’re going somewhere for Christmas break (my host fam that is) whether that is England (what we’re hoping for) or Italy or where have you, and then the final two week break (yeah guys four two week breaks what now) will be spent traversing Europe in a big bus with a bunch of other exchange students. SO PSYCHED. VISITING SO MANY COUNTRIES. THIS IS AWESOME.

Well, I do believe that’s all for now. I’m gonna head to bed and totally not finish my history homework. I did try. Really. Goodnight everyone!!!!



  1. Lovethatyou’regoingtoNorwayandthenGreecethatissoamazingKatelyn. May I suggest reducing the number of run on sentences? ImeanlolrunonsentencesarereallyreallybadEnglishorFrenchgrammarbutifitwasfrenchIcouldnotunderstanditanywaysIsuppose. IremainDad

  2. MyrunonsentenceapparentlyranoffthepageDad

    hahahaha SO FUNNY
    and lucky and amazing hahaha! it sounds like you fit in so where where you are! with the pokemon child and the manga section and if only you had pickles.
    HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER (when that comes…later..haha)
    also does the fast food there taste like it does in america? can you get pickles on the side since usually they have pickles on the burgers and stuff??!!!!! we are still considering trying to get pickles mailed to you..somehow…aha
    ENJOYYYYY <3, Caroline

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