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Postin’ it up what what?!

Lol sorry guys I am sooooo not ghetto. But whatever I’m an exchange student screw that AMIRITE?!

Uh so yeah. Life now is uh, life? This is my last week before our two week break. It turns out that I actually can’t go to Norway because the direct flights just happen to stop THIS FREAKING FRIDAY WHAT THE HELL RYANAIR SRSLY but the good news is that I’m heading to Barcelona for four days with another exchange student, Tracy, and her host fam. Should be fun. Spanish Halloween sh-yeah! No honestly I have no idea how people really do Halloween here because no one talks about it and when I ask they’re like “yeah trick-or-treating is for little kids and sometimes we have parties but vague vague vaguey vague” so I don’t really know to be quite honest. Ah well. Barcelona. Barrrrrcelona. Sh-yeah.

So this weekend! Saturday I was supposed to hang in Toulon with Eli, another exchange student, but dear be-Jesus the stomach gods must not be pleased with me because I was in so much pain that day I just sorta writhed there in bed. Not fun. Not at all. But the next I was feeling a bit better and we had something supaa fun planned, so I told my stomach to behave and got in the car. We went to some town (actually I never really asked which one lol) for the Fete de la Chaitagnes! (please ignore awful spelling I’m really trying here) So chaitagnes are hazelnuts, and every year this town has this big-ass party thing for when they are harvested. It was so cool! It was a verrryyy old city, as in colorful buildings and narrow streets and total middle-age sendbacky awesomeness. They really made it look like we were in the olden days- there were people dressed in old clothes doing old activities (um good wording) like spinning yarn and shoeing horses (can you believe that in my head I literally just said horseing shoes) and making stew and those dingly bell collars for goats and cows and sheeps so you can find them when they’re out grazing. (Funny story about dingly bell collar makers. I was all- LOL WUT ARE THE LITTLE ONES FOR A CAT LOL so my  host dad asked them and they were like- UH SHEEP DUH and my dad said- LOL SHE’S AMERICAN FUNNY RITE and they were like- OHOH AMERICAN EH and i was like- YES and one of the guys was like- ARE YOU HERE TO FIND A FIANCÉ and I was like- UH NOT AT ALL and they were like- WELL IN ANY CASE YOU SHOULD TRY THE FRENCH KISS WHILE YOU’RE HERE BECAUSE IT’S MUCH BETTER THAN THE AMERICAN ONE and I was like- YEAH GONNA GO PET THAT HORSE NOW BYE. Lol. Talk about hilarious.) There were a bunch of animals in wooden pens too- pigs, chickens, a goose, sheep, rabbits, some donkeys (yeah the donkeys weren’t in pens but still) and I had a lot of fun pointing at them and being like -MUTTON? and my host dad was like- YES! FELICITATIONS! and the other people were like- WHAT ARE YOU THREE. But it was a good time.

We met up with that other exchange student I’m going to Barcelona with, Tracy, and had an awesome-tastic meal. First course- French bread, French cheese, French love, etc. 2nd- I chose the rabbit. It was really good but a bit tough, but hey its rabbit whatcha gonna do. Dessert- chaitagne ice cream! It was good but at that point I was pretty full and it was awfully rich and well my stomach was still a bit queasy so I didn’t finish it all. Then they had the whole coffee course but I’m not a coffee fan so I just kinda tried some wine. Eheh.

There were a bunch of little brass bands and the like that were playing and a bunch of stands selling a lot of homemade French wonderfulness- huge rounds of cheeses, lines of hanging dried meats, bottles of wines, and most of all chaitagnes in every possible form- whether cooked popcorn style or made into a sugary type of cream spread or jam or what have you. I bought some of the cream stuff (I’m not really sure how to translate this. In French it’s creame des chaitagnes but it sounds really weird to say cream of hazelnuts in English lol) for mah fam in the US so I’ll be sending that to them soon. It’s very cultural and a big part of life for the town here so I thought it was a good thing to buy as a souvanir. 😀

I’m in a goehnrguiebnrovwprogjnr mood these days thanks to weirdness and awfulness and I-don’t-even-know-ness that’s been going on. I’m not going to go into detail here because unlike some people I’m more mature than writing it out for the whole world to see seriously grow up. Truth is I feel this way, it’s weird, idk why (well nah I kinda do) but I’m done taking on the world’s problems I’m here to learn French not be a guardian angel I have the right to refuse this and god dammit I’m just done with it now okay. Leave me be. That’s quite enough.

So I’m going to rip-off of Eli’s blog (lolthx Eli) and ask if anyone has any specific questions they’d like me to answer about France, the French  people, French language, what have you! I thought it would be a good way to inform all ya’ll of anything you’re specifically interested in, and I do rather love answering questions/writing so it’s good for all of us! Feel free to comment with any questions you have, okay? For now I’ll run through a couple questions I’ve gotten in previous posts’ comments.

also does the fast food there taste like it does in america? can you get pickles on the side since usually they have pickles on the burgers and stuff??!!!!!

In general, yes! Which is really nice when I want a piece of something similar from home, you know? The difference is that they have some different sandwiches, so obviously they would taste different than ones in the US because well… they’re different. Yeah. As for the 2nd part, I might be able to, but I’m a bit too embarrassed/don’t know the correct terminology to ask for pickles on the side in French, so I have yet to do so. xD

Speaking of college, are you applying right now from France, or waiting a year or what? How are you getting your transcript ‘nd all?

Good question! I’m doing my applications via the common app website, so I’ll be heading off to college at the same time that ya’ll are too. As for the transcripts/at home parts, I have the most wonderful parents who are helping me out with those things. Speaking of which I really need to get on that shit. D:

Katelyn, emo? imma? aubgei…? What are these words, Katelyn? What would your English teacher say?


May I suggest you stay far away from those teenage boys? 


And would you tell your host Dad who JFK is, and RFK, etc?

See the funny thing is that he knows, and he STILL makes the mistake. Like we were joking about this the other day and my host mom was explaining to my host sister who JFK was but I think he knows. The even funnier thing is how I told him that I told you (my Dad) how he said JFK and now he’s all embarrassed saying that you must think he’s silly and have lost all respect for him or something (jokingly, I think). Ahaha.

Any preference? (When it comes to pickles being sent to me, that is)

I am rather a fan of Vlassic wholes, the ones that aren’t like too big, but that aren’t really little, or you can go with the spears I guess. xD

So we’re going to ignore the fact that most of those questions were rhetorical. (Thank you Eli I can’t believe I forgot that word lolFrance). Well, I think I’m done for now. Feel free to comment and send me encouraging messages because despite how upbeat this post probably sounds, I feel pretty shitty right now. *sigh*

Bye guys!



  1. Katelyn, you noted in your blog that you had the most “wonderful” of parents back in the US. Since you are asking for questions, can you describe, specifically and in detail, how wonderful your Father is? I understand he is brilliant, highly muscular, and makes more money than he knows what to do with. Can you confirm all this and add details? I remain, Anon.

  2. Although the emo comment was cryptic, I do understand and applaud your determination not to take on the worlds problems. I’ve been trying to figure out how to ship pickles, I thank you for a list of your preferences.

  3. so… i completely commented on the wring thing… regardez september 7

  4. Ahaha, it’s all good. I responded so s’il tu plaît, tu peux regarder le 7 septembre aussi maintenant. 😀

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