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Why hello there my dedicated readers/not-so-dedicated question askers! Ahaha, it seems my request for questions has come up a bit shorthanded, so sadly this post will not be the epic Katelyn-answers-everyone’s-questions-omg-how-fun post I was planning it on being. So like I guess I’ll do one of those posts once I accumulate enough questions or something. Yup.

Weeeeellll, right now, Monday evening, is the first actual day of fall break! Yes, fall break! No school for a week and half fall break! And the weather is goooorgeous. I wore shorts today. It is almost November and I wore shorts today. THIS IS MADNESS. NO. THIS… IS… SOUTHERN FRANCE! Lol bad movie references over. …For now!

TWO DAYS LATER (no seriously I saved this as a draft and was like lol who needs to finish this no wait I probs should so it’s wednesday now yeah)

So the last bit of school was fairly good. I dunno, like mornings suck pretty hard, kind of like they did in the US, but then later is normally ends up okay. And like without school/something to do I get pretty damn bored. Also I absolutely adore my class, so that’s a good thing. I know plenty of exchange students who have hours and hours of school and hate their classmates and absolutely detest school, and while it is awfully long and all, I’m pretty lucky to have such awesome people in it. So funny story, we were sitting outside of the school during one of our free hours and one kid asks me to teach him English curse words. So most of the French know a ton of english curse words because they’re in all the popular music and stuff, but I did end up coming up with a word that they didn’t know. That word was douchebag. For those that don’t know, the word douche in French means shower. Seriously. You can take a douche or plain old douche. Like really guys. So when I told them what it meant they were like- lolwut?! Except one kid, the one that asked me to teach them curse words in the first place, found this hilarious and went on to greet everyone he saw with a “bonjour douchebag!” and of course those greeted would answer back with a “huh?” and he’s was like “a douchebag is like when you take a shower in a bag” and they were like “wait huh” and he was like “nah it’s an American curse word lol”. But honestly it was SO FUNNY. Like later on in the day when I was just kind of daydreaming I head “hello douchebag!” and turned around to see him waving at me. SO GOOD. LOVE THE FRENCH.

Speaking of loving the French eheheh… uh yeah the other day our bus was really full, which happens a lot because there is seriously one bus for our entire city, so as is custom during these times, someone you don’t know sits next to you because there aren’t any more seats. SO YEAH this guy sat next to me and I was like “what is this male this is new” and throwing all caution/normal rules of social conduct to the wind gave him a “SALUT!” and he was all “huhwhat” and I was all “no I’m American it’s alright” and he was all “oh okay” and we talked a bit and then exchanged numbers and today we hung out in Toulon with Eli, the American exchange student that I mentioned last post and it was really fun! And it’s good because he lives in my town so I’m hoping I’ll have stuff to do this break like NOT WORK ON COLLEGE APPLICATIONS LOL (no seriously I gotta work on that stuff I know) and not write that essay for history. Oh god. How am I going to write an essay in French on a topic that I know nothing about. Honestly the historical classes of the French people isn’t something I can just be like- OH RIGHT and start writing about in freaking English. Apparently it’s in our book. Apparently I will be bothering my host family so I can write something more than -YAH THE FRENCH REALLY LOVED TO MAKE BREAD AND CHEESE AND STUFF LIKE DID YOU KNOW I’M AMERICAN LOL.

Let’s see… what should I write about? Oh I know! Saturday I went to the festival historique of La Ciotat, the city I go to school in, with a French friend and a German friend who is now back in Germany and I am sad. The festival was really fun- they sectioned off a part of the town and there were people all dressed up like the olden days (the year was 1720) and there was food and stuff to buy and straw everywhere. Also I’m pretty sure we got hit on like 293085375304 times that day. And took like 239048395734 pictures. Good stuff. The day after was an exchange student day at the island of Porquerolles. It was awesome seeing everyone (minus Paul who wasn’t there) again! We did a lot of walking, stopping, awkwardly picture taking, and walking again that day. But it was really nice being able to hang with all the exchange students. We really are cool people. Ahaha.

Monday was my “let’s work on college apps oh wait no you didn’t lol” day, yesterday I sort of drove around Toulon with my third family + attractive host brother and saw some chickens, and today was Toulon with Eli and Julien. Tomorrow my host mom is out and I’m not exactly sure when my host mom is getting back and since I live in Nowhereland, Saint Cyr I’ll probably be walking to Les Calanques, aka the most beautiful beach evveeerrrr and if it’s nice like it was today (70 degrees guys what now) will be swimming a bit. We’ll see how that goes! You know it would be really nice if I had a dog so then I could walk said dog when I am bored. Gotta befriend my dog-owning neighbors I’m thinking. Mmhmm. Uh well I just broke 1000 words so I think I’m done for now. Gonna go read some more French manga (LOVE) and head into bed I do believe. Bye guyyyssss!




    havvee fun on fall break! and you hung out with the HAWT BOY??? EEP. EXCITING.


    happy almost halloween!!

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