Posted by: katelyninfrance | November 17, 2009

It has been quite awhile!

So I guess the fact that I haven’t posted in a bit is a good thing maybe, because it could mean that I’m getting adjusted into my French life and stuff? Idk. But Eli’s comment that directly copied mine (lolhilariousreally) sort of kinda reminded me that I should probs update. So here I am, updating.

Geez, where to begin! Uhhh… so school has started again. I’ve gotten back into the swing of it and it’s certainly nice to be interacting with other people now ahaha. I really really super love my class. Like no one is bitchy, you have the people that more friendly with certain people than with others and the like, but as far as I can tell, we don’t have any total pepsticks/hoes/etc. here which is a rather nice change really. They are all really quite nice, and I feel like I am really becoming part of the class. Like I’m fairly obviously the foreigner, but me being the foreigner is sort of a piece of the class cultural puzzle, if you will. I honestly have some better words/descriptions I’d like to sue but LOL I can’t remember them thank you English for leaving me. Anyways, I hang out with Manon mostly, but I’ve also been talking quite a bit with Romain and Benjamin and sometimes Yuriy and Emma and Sarah. Then I’m on general good terms with the others and there are a couple that it’s sort of like a friendly acquaintance but yeah. Uh I find it much easier/more fun to make friends with guys, which is kinda weird but idk. I think it’s because I can be all flirty and stuff, and when I first meet someone well it’s pretty nerve-wracking, so if they’re a cute guy it kinda calms me down a bit? Ohhhh wow this is coming out so wrong I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Anyway the point is that of the people in my class that are also in my town, I’m definitely the closest with those of the male persuasion. I’d like to find myself a group of girls to hang out with tho, maybe with Manon and Claire and Jessica? It’s sort of funny because I’m seeing everyone as like potential friends/acquaintances so today while on the bus I was like- okay so if I’m more friendly with Fanny then maybe we can hang out and I can try talking with that random person I sort of met the other day and next I can do this blahblahblah. It’s like a strategic game kinda thing, sorta weird, huh? If any of you have played the Persona games I swear to god when I’m talking with someone or when I’m trying to cheer myself up when being bored I’m like- IT’S OKAY YOU’RE RAISING YOUR SOCIAL LINKS IT’S NOT A WASTE OF TIME LOL. Am I a freak? Maaaayyybbeeee.

So my host dad has some mysterious job of mystery that I think involves selling suntan lotion. Still haven’t figured that one out yet. Anyways, he spends a week on the beautiful amazing omgwoa island of Corsica every month, and this is his week for November. Needless to say, I am a bit jealous. I was all like- HEY SO YOU COULD UH BRING ME YOU KNOW and he was all- ahaha Cat-leen isa so funny, ahaha NOPE. No but seriously I don’t even think he works while he’s there because he updates his facebook status via cellphone like 5 times a day with some amazingly entertaining/relaxing/aughwhydidn’tyoutakeme activity/meal/yeah. In fact I’m gonna go be a creeper and translate some of them for you riiiggghttt noowww! Creepin’ Katelyn AWAAAAAYYYY!!!! 

Nah actually I changed my mind lol subject change go! 

So it’s been awhile since  my last poetry dump and since it’s been awhile since my last post in general, I figured I’d make this a supa special long post of awesome with lots of poetry and OH YOU DON’T WANT POETRY AHAH SUCKS DOING IT ANYWAY (no seriously I hope you enjoy my poetry I really do love writing it.)

So this one I wrote today in French class while noticing that my French teacher’s bangs looked an awful lot like two rainbows meeting together/the McDonald’s M. (You know, like his bangs are shorter than the rest of his hair since they’re bangs and all, and for some reason he apparently gells them into awkward round semi-circles framing his forehead. Weird I know). Lol I totally mentioned to Manon how his hair looked kind of like the McDonald’s M and started singing the “bah bah bah baaah baaaaahhhh” song in the commercial and well we lost it there ahaha. Anyway okay poem go (this is read in a sing-song voice just so ya know):

Arc-en-ciel, arc-en-ciel
Vos cheveux sont deux
Si je coupe vos
Serez-vous plus cool?
Maintenant vos
Regardent moi au-
Dessus des yeux,
Ô vos affreux
Laissez-moi tranquille!

English time! (not nearly as cool sounding tho seriously in French it has a rhythm and yeah)

Rainbows, rainbows
Your hair is two
If I cut your
Will you be cooler? 
Now your
Watch me
Below your eyes,
Oh, your awful
Leave me alone! 

And another!

Ma chère grammaire française,
Je vous déteste. 
Vous êtes trop difficile pour moi.
“Si il y un lion qui mange
Deux poulets au soleil chaque
Jeudi il faut wu’on utilise le
Plus-que-parfait avec le
Pronom personnel “y” et
L’adjectif relatif “lesquels” mais
ATTENTION si le lion aime bien
Poeter les jupes rouges mais
Pas les chaussures bleus on doit-”

And in English!

My dear French grammar,
I hate you.
You are too difficult for me.
“If there is a lion who eats
Two chickens in the sun every  
Thursday you have to use the
Personal pronoun “y” et
The relative adjective “lesquels” but
WARNING if the lion really likes
To wear red skirts but
Not blue shoes one must-”

The next one was originally in French but apparently there is no word for fickle in French and well that word is necessary so it’s just in English for now I guess, even though the words are pretty simple considering. 

Today is Eli’s birthday.
He is 18 years old.
I am going to be 18 years old,
In December.
Time, what has happened? 
Why do you run and jump
Like a rabbit who escapes
From an enemy? 
I am not a fox,
Nor a wolf,
But you deceive me,
A fickle mistress
You, a dragging snail
Me, an uncertain land
The world.


Cette monde
Est si grande
Mais aussi si petite.
J’ai l’argent.
J’ai l’aeroport.
Je peux aller là, ou là,
Peut-être là, si je veux.
Mais il y a une bulle
Qui me suive, toujours.
Elle frappe les autres.
“Salut, je m’appelle Kate-”
“Escusez moi, mais j’ai-” 
“Aidez-moi! J’ai peur de-”
Cette bulle, cette bulle américaine,
Elle est moi, et je suis elle.
Une américaine, juste une américaine.


This world
Is so big
But also so small.
I have the money.
I have the airport.
I could go there, or there,
Maybe there, if I want.
But there is a bubble
Who follows me, always.
It hits the others.
“Hi, my name is Kate-”
“Excuse me, but I have-”
“Help me! I’m scared of-”
This bubble, this American bubble,
It is me, and I am it. 
An American, just an American.

Even more?!

I would like to write a poem
That is so difficult
So confusing
So utterly American that
When I read it aloud they’ll
Sit fish-eyed and gaping for air
They’ll scramble for their
Dictionaries, flip flip turn turn
Sawdust flying from the pages
And they will mindlessly copy
A novel of English, of analyzations,
Craning their necks over their
Partner’s shoulders, biting their
Lips until crimson oxygen sustains them.
I will wear the colorful pullovers.
I will part my hair in the center,
Flip out the edges,
Blonde. It will be me,
Me the native, me the
Air-breather, and them, they
Will be the étrangers.

Quelle heure est-il?
Il faut que j’attend encore?
J’ai envie de dormir. 
Il faut que j’attend encore?
Je suis m’ennui, je ne comprend rien.
Il faut que j’attend encore?
Tick, tock, clip, clop
J’attend j’atten j’attend
Pour toute ma vie j’attend
Tick, tock, clip, clop
Ça me moque
Tu, dois, rester, là!
Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Tick, tock, clip, clop
Je voudrais tuer toutes
Les horlorges dans la monde.


What time is it?
I have to wait more?
I feel like sleeping.
I have to wait more?
I am bored, I understand nothing.
I have to wait more?
Tick, tock, clip, clop 
I’m waiting I’m waiting I’m waiting
For my whole life I’m waiting 
Tick, tock, clip, clop 
It mocks me
You, must, stay, there!
Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Tick, tock, clip, clop 
I would like to kill
All the clocks in the world.

AND THE LAASST ONEEEE! hey stop cheering

The words
Do not flow anymore
Like a river.
Each day in France is like a pebble.
One pebble, two pebbles,
There is not much difference.
The water flows over them,
But in time,
The pebbles clump together,
Numerous, forming a dam.
And before you know it,
The river overflows,
Spilling onto the banks,
Words flying,
Sentences unconstructed,
Verb conjugations,
Spread in wide puddles.
Mix in with French and I am
But then
The river irrigates itself
Into two different
Rivers, flowing strong and
Filled with frogs, and fish, and
Two rivers of language splitting at a fork.
The fork that is me.

Wwwwooowwww guys that was a crap load of poetry I hope I didn’t bore you too much! It’s 11:30 now and I believe I’m accompanying my host brother to his airplane piloting lessons tomorrow (should be interesting) so I’mma head to bed. Please leave a comment if you can! Goooodddniiggghttt!!!



  1. Kate, nice poetry. Will you publish some of it in Philadelphia Stories, as I have suggested? Or not? (I feel there’s a poem here but I am unsure where.)

    Very, very nice ideas about proactively meeting people, taking the bull by the horns.

    And what is a pepstick? I know what a hoe is. And flying lessons, Katelyn?


  2. katelyn katelyn katelyn!
    i so enjoyed your poetry! so so so so gooood, i like how they are different. some are fun, but others are a tad melancholy (def just used, you are in france and still have better english than me! btw is me in france moi? i almost wrote muah, which is the onomotpoeia for kiss..LOL) so like don’t stop writing it please. it’s who you are. i like. mucho. spanish! whoa!
    also here in america that time thing is also an issue..ahaha. us seniors. oh god. it seems like now that you are in france though, it’s more of a personal time thing? like you want the time to just go and be katelyn and explore the world? i might be like nowrong, but thats kinda what i got from your poetry. anyways if it is then YEAH MAN more coolness, except like not because waiting and waiting plus losing time that you want for yourself is like ah whoa contradict, you know? so that’s tough. did i just make sense????? i miss you lots, but i wish you all the more awesome experiences and people to chillax with. i shall have to look into that game persona, ahahaha. aaaanndd, i has a question! it’s a bit random, but i really did think of this while reading your post.
    is the internet there all in french? are there buttons for english? and like if there is english, do you use it, or be like lol i think i’ll keep goin with the french! which ties into my extra add on question, how often do you speak english in a day? sorry if that’s like super specific, hahah. ok so i made a long comment. bye! 😛

  3. Hey Katelyn!

    I am so glad to hear that you becoming friends with members of the male persuasion…:) Lol, seriously though, I am so happy that you’re starting to gain a strong group of friends. My heart cringed with sadness, eveytime your tone hinted at a bit of lonliness, and a fear of not fitting in, in your last few posts. I’m glad that people are finally beginning to see the fun, spontaneous, brilliant Katelyn that all us silly Americans know and love. You are amazing my dear, and never forget that. RANDOM TANGENT, lol, but I just wanted to let you know that I just started unintentionally humming the McDonald’s commercial song, and I got some strange looks from the people sitting next to me in the Library, aha!

    and your poetry, as always is fabulous! I swear, this one needs to be published…right now. 🙂 They all do, but this one is my favorite! I’m not sure why…but in reading it, I can almost hear your voice, which I suppose is what all true poets strive for…tee hee. Did that make any sense?

    “I would like to write a poem
    That is so difficult
    So confusing
    So utterly American that
    When I read it aloud they’ll
    Sit fish-eyed and gaping for air
    They’ll scramble for their
    Dictionaries, flip flip turn turn
    Sawdust flying from the pages
    And they will mindlessly copy
    A novel of English, of analyzations,
    Craning their necks over their
    Partner’s shoulders, biting their
    Lips until crimson oxygen sustains them.
    I will wear the colorful pullovers.
    I will part my hair in the center,
    Flip out the edges,
    Blonde. It will be me,
    Me the native, me the
    Air-breather, and them, they
    Will be the étrangers.”

    Lol, Oh! and Mr. Issacson, a pepstick is that steryotypical popular…but not really girl, who is obnoxiously peppy…and obsessed with being as skinny as a stick. Hence the term “pepstick!”

    Ah, us teenagers and our abbreviations. Lol.

    Hope your flying goes well Katelyn!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 24/11/2009
    Eli Tinker-Fortel
    “une année en France ”
    Re:”It has been quite awhile!”

    Katelyn Isaacson
    “Allons-y au France!”

    To Whom it may concern(AKA:Katelyn)

    That blog post rocked like mentos and diet coke. Jealous of your intense French ability(don’t even deny it). The poems were indeed pretty nifty. I especially liked to bit about virtual games, The Sims all the way(notice the “The”).The point is your blog is cool

    (signature would go here)
    Eli Tinker-Fortel

    P.S.:Thought I would write this in a somewhat business letter form…

  5. I especially liked the* bit…

  6. I like your French poems, because I say it out loud and I have no idea how to pronounce the words and it’s like gibberish. 8’D I ALSO REALLY REALLY LIKE THE ELI’S BIRTHDAY ONE especially this line: ‘Time, what has happened? ‘


    anyways, I totally understand the Social Link thing. I was sitting doing this crazy glue thing to my bowstring in kyuudo right and then there’s this girl who just talked to me for the first time and I swear once we’d finished the convo it was like OH DUDE RANK ONE YESSSSSSS

    and there’s also a sad-looking girl just sitting on her own outside the kendo club that I JUST WANT TO TALK TO. IT’S LIKE THERE’S AN EXCLAIMATION MARK ABOVE HER HEAD BUT I JUST DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT ‘CHARM’ OR ‘COURAGE’ YET ARGHHHH

    … i seriously am way too addicted to video games. i need help. 😦

  7. I looooove to read this “blog” 🙂
    And yes, you are really becoming part of the class 😉
    You should talk me about this cute guy ! 😛
    See ya tomorrow ! 🙂

    ( Désolée pour mon anglais catastrophique .. )

  8. My sisters name is Emma!

  9. Hey Katelyn! I enjoy your blog!

    I go to Haverford and we’ve met briefly before. I am so intrigued by your time spent in France and I am hoping to exchange myself! If you could email me about all of the details of this experience, that would be awesome.

    (P.S. Your poems are very amusing)

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