Posted by: katelyninfrance | December 24, 2009

*Blows mountains of dust off blog*

Uhhhhhhh hey guys. So it’s been some time. Lots of time. I was totes gonna update before and even started to write something but was then all like- NAH and didn’t ahaha. Well, I’m taking this lack of updating as a good sign- now I am really integrated into my new life and stuff so I guess I feel the itching urge to update my blog has lessened? Idk. 

Okay so wheeeere to start?! Well, first off, you guys might have noticed the title change. You see, I’ve known for awhile that my previous title, Allons-y au France, was grammatically incorrect, but was just too lazy to really do anything about it. However, one day my French friend Sarah told me that she visited my blog which is linked in my facebook and all and she was like- uhhhhh yeah that’s preeetty wrong just sayin’, and I was like- uhhhhhh yeah probs time to do something about that huh. So I did. And now we are grammatically correct and happy. Yaaay!

Well, life here has been life I guess. We’re on break now so it’s a bit different but yeah I’ve really gotten used to the whole school deal here I think. In fact as weird as this sounds and as much as younger me would punch older me in the face if she heard this, I’ve found that I actually kind of like school to the point where I’m kinda “meh” about break ahaha. Weird, right? I think it’s because I see people at school, and even if the classes themselves can be as boring as anything, I have opportunities to talk with others and bond with my friends and stuff. I’ve also found that now that I’m getting more comfortable here, I can let myself be crazy omgwhatlol Katelyn more often and well I seem to make more friends that way! xD Basically I love my class more and more and slowly am coming out of my shell. Also I love my host family. I’m changing after break which is kinda sad to be quite honest. I mean don’t get me wrong, my second host family is awesome and they’re taking me to Switzerland to go skiing in the Alps so yeah, it’s just that I’ve gotten comfortable here in this beautiful house in the middle of nowhereland, St Cyr and it seems like such a big deed to get re-situated in another house. Luckily I have spent some time with my second host family and my younger host sister is pretty darn hilarious, so I mean yeah it’ll work out and all. But auuuugh I’mma miss joking around with my host dad soooooo much guys srsly.

Well, I guess I’ll just keep writing about stuff that’s been going on here in my traditional- lol who needs an actual order of events and correct grammar lol style. You see, here in nowhereland, St Cyr you have to drive to get the mail because all the mail boxes are at the front of our not-really-a-road road, so when you have a package, they leave a slip that basically says- lol you gotta go to the post office and wait in an obnoxious line to get ur package sucks u live in a forest lolol. So I received one of these said slips the other day, and was naturally pretty darn excited. After the bus dropped me off at the end of the school the next day I walked across the street from my bus stop to the post office, waited in said line, and dun dun da duuuuuuunnnn! A PACKAGE FOR KATTEELLYYYNNNN YAAAAYYYY! I then stood outside waiting for my host dad to come pick me up clutching said package and smiling like a doofus. When I got home, I opened my package and DEAR GOD GUYS I LOVE MY FAMILY THEY SERIOUSLY WRAPPED ME GIFTS FOR NOT ONLY MY BIRTHDAY AND CHRISTMAS BUT EACH NIGHT OF HANNUKAH AND LABELLED THEM LIKE- HEY OPEN ME THE THIRD NIGHT ALSO I GOT A THANKSGIVING SHIRT WITH THE HOTTEST TURKEY PRETTY MUCH EVER ON IT THAT I WORE TO SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY AND MANON WAS PRETTY MUCH DYING WITH LAUGHTER BUT DON’T WORRY IT’S A COOL SHIRT TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. So Hannukah was cool because every night I had a gift waiting for me and I lit the candles most nights (seriously unless someone smokes there are like no lighters and good timing my host sister decided to quit smoking right at Hannukah) and sung the blessings and all.

My birthday was interesting too I guess ahaha. It was on a wednesday, and as you should all know, wednesdays are only from 9 to 12. Annndd this wednesday my history teacher decided to not be there and well France apparently hasn’t heard of the idea of substitute teachers so we only had class from 9 to 10. Yuriy and Benjamin sang me happy birthday in like 2903587347953 different languages which was pretty cool. And after school I spent a bit of time with Romain and Cassandre and Benjamin and Rebecca and Emma while waiting for the bus/my mom who never came so yeah it was the bus. Then later that day I hung out in Toulon with Eli and bought two DS games (did I mention I bought a bright green DS lite? It’s pretty fly) and he bought a santa hat and I bought reindeer antlers. I wore said antlers to school the next day and basically everyone I knew/even those I didn’t waved/said hi/laughed/gave me the thumbs up/looked at me strangely including my history teacher. It was good stuff. That afternoon there was no music class because it was the badly organized Christmas concert! At the urging of my host dad I signed up to sing, and the plan was that I’d be singing in a bit of a band-type set-up with Romain on the bass, Ingrid on the guitar, and Théo on the drums, but due to band drama and I don’t even know what else, that kinda fell through ahaha. So instead I played the piano and sang Samson. Also I was first. Guys seriously it was so badly organized I walked into the room like five minutes before it was supposed to start all- so wait am I actually playing and the guy was all- yeah we can probs squeeze you in also I suck at organizing stuff and I was like- okay so when and he was like- right now go lol and I was like- waitwhat. So uh that was pretty nerve-wracking. But my class/various other people who probably only know me as “that American girl” cheered for me and Sarah taped it along with a little- OMG I AM NERVOUS rant just beforehand. Seriously I have soooo many awesome movies that I want to share with you guys but for some reason my mac isn’t recognizing the .mp4 files as video files and it’s like- uh they’re .mp4 files OF COURSE they’re video files srsly macbook? So we’ll see how that works out. Wait with bated breath cuz these are some HOT MOVIES LET ME TELL YOU.

For those of you who are my friends on facebook, I’m sure you have noticed that I spent my weekend in Switzerland with my second host family. GUYS. SWITZERLAND. I LEFT THE COUNTRY. OMG. As the rest of my break is filled with zero plans pretty much, I was veeerrryyy happy to have been given the opportunity to travel, even if it was just for a day or two! There was a lot of snow and it was cold, but it really reminded me of home because it doesn’t snow here, so that was nice! I also saw Avatar in 3-d. GO SEE AVATAR. IT WAS SO GOOD. REALLY GUYS GO SEE IT. IN FRENCH ACTUALLY. NOT ENGLISH. I spent a bit of the next day in Geneva which is the capital of Switzerland and it pretty much gorgeous/has the most jewelry stores I think I’ve seen in my life. Also the chocolate. Ohhhhh the chocolate. ❤ My (current) host mom and I spent the night in a hotel in the French town of Bonne just a bit over the border. We had like THE BEST MEAL EVER. IT WAS SO GOOD. And so French! Really the restaurant industry and cuisine is such an art here, it’s rather fascinating! My host mom educated me a bit in the art of French food while we ate delicious warm bread and rows and rows of cheese and seafood and chicken and chocolate and the best red wine evvvaaarrr. Oh being 18 is nice! Ahaha, nah don’t worry I’m a perfect angel here I swear. 😀 Anyways, the next day we hung out in the town of Annecy which is beautiful and built around a lake, kind of like Geneva. It’s really interesting because you have the old part of Annecy, and by old I mean middle ages old, so there are cobbled roads and stone archways and colorful buildings. We also bought some cheese for christmas from the market. I love French markets, I really do. And I took a lot of pictures, so once I’m not lazy I’ll upload them to facebook. Buuuut I’m pretty lazy so that might take awhile just being honest here.

Well tonight is christmas eve, and from what I’ve gathered we will be opening presents tonight rather than tomorrow. And apparently I’m getting presents too? Maybe? Oh hey that reminds me, my host family got me birthday gifts- an amazing shirt from the brand Little Marcel that is baaaasically the coolest thing ever I looooove it, and a video game for my DS. I swear to god I play too many video games but they’re all in French so that’s okay, right? RIGHT?! Anyways, my host mom’s father and his wife are over for christmas, and they’re pretty much the coolest old French people ever, so it’s nice to have them over. Today it’s raining so I’ll probs be spending it inside, but that’s okay because I’ve gotten work done on MY LAST COLLEGE APPLICATION THANK GOD and well I’ve updated this blog, so that’s a good thing! Plus I’m sure I’ll play some video games and read in French and maaaayybbeee probs not work on grammar stuff. Gotta find me that Bescherelle.

I guess that’s it for now, hope its sufficient after all of those difficult weeks without an obnoxious blog post courtesy of Katelyn. Wishing you all a great holiday season! Looooove yoooouuu!!!

Okay so for the holidays I wrote a song for my host family because I am a good/poor exchange daughter. So uh I thought I’d share it with all of you. Please let me know what you think!

 Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël! by Moi



  1. Love your song. Told you this before on Skype but wanted to leave a comment. OKKatelyn’sfriends,leavecomments.Love,Dad

  2. Best blogpost ever.

  3. Why thank you, Eli. Also yes I agree with ad. HEY GUYS COMMENT ON MY BLOOOOOOGGGG!

  4. *commmmmeeeeennnnnntinnngg*

    Dude. I miss you.
    But it sounds like you’re having a FANTASTIC time!
    mmmmmmfrenchboyz 🙂

  5. might i just say that it is sooo refreshing reading your blog because i can hear your voice and it’s like oh god katelyn where are you i hear you but hehyyy hahahaa ah that’s creepy. anyways it’s really really awesome that you are finally comfy in your french lifestyle! even though you’ll be splitting to a new family soon, it still makes me happy for you! sounds like you enjoyed the holidays, shaweet! and you keep saying cheese and bread and i’m like ohh, ahhh, yum…..hehe 😀
    also the new meryl streep movie “it’s complicated” (idk how it works…if they are showing it in other countries too..that would be cool) she is a pastry chef (that’s not the main plot, but that’s her job in this romantic comedy) in one scene she is like MY SPECIALTY IS CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS (croissant said with french accent) and i thought of you. and really wanted one. but yeah.
    annndddd looking forward to your videos, and omgwine ahhahahaaa mmm, and i agree with laura, mmmmfrechboyz also.

    love you!!! 😀

  6. OMFG KATELYN YOUR SONG just saw it there
    ❤ love love love love love love
    please write more! omg

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