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Well hello there blog readers! How is life? Er anyways yesterday was my 5 MONTH ANNIVERSARY HOW TIME FLIES. I can’t even begin to fathom how 5 whole months have passed on by just like POOF HEY WE’RE GONE LOLOL. And I feel like the rest of the time is gonna go by really quickly too, maybe even faster becaaauusseeeeeeee:


February 6th- leave for Switzerland, go skiing for a week in the Swiss alps. Be jealous.
February 14th ish- spend two days in London.
March 3rd-10- week in Greece with mah class
March 17th-18th- two days in Paris with my host mama!
March 26th-28th- weekend in Corsica with Rotary
April 1st-12th- crazy bus trip all over Europe with rotary
Sometime in May- parents visit, a week in Norway
Mid-june ish- back to H-town!

Guys no seriously it’s like BAM BAM BAM TRIPS GO OMG TRAVELING HEY HOME WHAT. So basically I have a week and a half of regular school left before things get ca-razy. I don’t know how I feel about time, but I’m very excited to have the opportunity to visit all these cool places! Basically my life’s dream is to visit the entire world, so I’m certainly accomplishing a bit of it this year. Yay.

So like right about now I’m trying to figure out my return date and jesus christ is it hard. :/ Originally I was planning to get home in time for graduation but like I don’t even know anymore. Everyone I’ve been talking to on this exchange student forum is all- OMG STAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN SRSLY UR GONNA WANT TO and then of course my friends at home are like- KATELYN COME BACK and like I DON’T KNOW. I mean I’m sure I’m going to miss France whenever I leave, but would it be better to stay a couple extra weeks? There’s apparently a big beach party after exams which end the 23rd of June and geez man whaaaat this is difficult. Some people are talking about how much it sucks to be a rebound (one who has come back from exchange) and how you mourn for your home country and all that she-bang and while I’m sure that’s true and all I kinda feel like maybe/hopefully it won’t be too terrible like they’re saying? For one thing I’m not going back to high school as most of them did, so I don’t have to deal with that- MAN I AM SO OVER HIGH SCHOOL deal because well I’ll be going off to college and that should be exciting. And I dunno maybe it’s just that I have like the best friends/family anyone could ever have ever. Hmm. You see I like the idea of rounding off my exchange year full circle with graduation. In my head I’ll have really enjoyed the year and be sad to leave but at the same time ready for the next chapter in my life. But geez I can’t predict my emotions 4 and a half months in the future. Auuugghhh.

Speaking of college (I wasn’t really but I’m gonna go on to this topic anyways) I took the SAT subject tests in math and french last saturday and met a Turkish boy and some other boy who I don’t actually know where he’s from but he spoke English without an accent so I’m assuming he’s not a native French speaker also you know the Turkish boy spoke without an accent too which was pretty cool did I mention I want to go to Turkey. That was a good sentence. Anyways, now I have to wait till the 11th of February for my results which I hope are half-decent. We’ll see. As for everything else, I AM DONE. I HAVE APPLIED. And now I have to wait! Auugh! Waiting! Well at least it’s off my mind kind of sort of not really. Yup.

Uhhh so what to talk about? It’s been awhile. Yet again. Lolol. Er, uh France is still French? WOW OKAY SUBJECT FINDING GO. Uh the other day I went to a classical music concert in Marseille which was awesome. Did I mention I miss singing? Because dear god I do. I mean I still sing, and I’m trying to force myself to practice vocal exercises and stuff so I don’t end up like- LOL CRAP when I go to college next year but it’s not the same without an actual choir, you know? What I have been doing a good amount of though is playing the piano. And during free hours at school sometimes I’ll go to the music room and Guillaume will play piano and I’ll sing and people will be like- wowie you sing gud- and that’s really really really fun. I wish I could play piano like Guillaume! Ooonneee daaaayyyy!

School is pretty cool in general. But uh walking to my bus stop and back every day is NOT. 10 minutes there, and then 15 minutes back because it’s freaking UPHILL on the way back. That being said it’s probably a good thing to be getting some exercise outside of gym class. Actually when I’m feeling all- BAH WALKING DAMMIT LIFE I’ll use that as an incentive/excuse/not finding the right word lolol. So like one Wednesday when I was walking up the hill of doom I of course was rather hungry as we finish at noon and thus I had not eaten and well you know not eating+physical activity=uhp sucks a lot. So I started cheering myself on by chanting in my head military style. It started off with “you can do it!” or something similar and then morphed into “sexy legs!” (like I’d be getting them and stuff ahaha why am I writing this what a freak xD) and then turned into “FOOD. LUNCH.” So uh that’s a random little fact/piece of information about the life of Katelyn in France. …I guess.

So interesting conversation with my English teacher the other day. The rest of the class was taking a test which involved writing 300 words in English about like racism or something and well yeah I finished in about .09984 seconds so I started studying my handy “the most common mistakes in French” book and she came over and we started chatting a bit. It was actually reaaallly interesting. You see, my English teacher is actually English, as in from England, but she’s lived in France for awhile now and thus in fluent in both languages. I was all- WHY DOES THIS LANGUAGE HAVE RIDICULOUSLY STUPID RULES THAT NOT EVEN THE NATIVE SPEAKERS CAN MASTER and she went on and explained the historical historicality of the language. Apparently French was the language of the elite, as in even in England parliament would speak French. The language of the people would vary- English in England duh, but in France they had different languages such as Basque and other regional tongues. But French was purposefully made difficult so that the high class would be the ones to speak it. It has only been since the 19th century or so that the French language became the national language of France and everyone started speaking it, so it hasn’t gotten too much of a chance to evolve. And furthermore, there is a board of French master people who decide what is really French and what is isn’t, as in what is correct or not. For example, in English if 99% of the people say something in one way, it is taken as correct and the language evolves with the people. But in French,  if 99% of the people say something in one way, it is still considered wrong. And thus the language retains it’s confusing grammar rules and exceptions and conjugations and accords even if the majority of the French people themselves make mistakes. The language does not evolve, at least not as quickly as other languages do. I found this all rather fascinating, like it makes so much sense! French is totally under-rated as being “not that hard” or whatever, and while yes, I suppose it isn’t much more difficult than other languages to speak colloquially, if you want to get it right, it is daaamn hard. Like with writing. Writing is a freaking whooole other language. Anyways uh I hope that little insight into the French language was as interesting for all you as it was for me but PROBS NOT LOL.

So. Uh. Life. Going. Yup. Tomorrow the Spanish teacher won’t be there because she’s in Spain with some other Spanish class and normally when the teacher isn’t there we just don’t have class and can go home because France has never heard of substitute teachers but since this is planned in advance we have to go but all we’re doing is working on our detective mystery story thing with that Mexican guy who is here for some reason AKA it’ll be pretty much nothing/fun. I think I’ll bring my video camera and stuff. Should be a party. 

Yeah this blog post seems kinda lame considering it’s been over a month ahaha. Well I changed host families, and now I have two host sisters, one who is 13 and slightly insane/hilarious, and one who is 15. And we have a cat but I don’t think any cat could live up to Nala so yeah. We eat daaaaamn well here which is pretty fly. And altogether I’m happy with my new host family. At the beginning it was pretty hard, I went through a mourning phase with my old family and it was like- AUGH WHY OMG NO but it’s gotten better and I spent the night at their house this past weekend and it was really fun and like I feel blessed to have such a close relationship with them. And this family is offering me different experiences such as a close sisterly relationship and various trips so I think I’m rather lucky host family wise eheh. And my next host family is pretty cool too which is awesome. Uh this is coming out allll wrong ahaha so much for being a writer lolol. I think I’mma end this before it gets too awful and maybe study some French stuff. Yup, sounds good. Weeeelllll, that’s all for now guys! Feel free to leave a comment (no srsly do it) and stuff! Loooove you!



  1. As you requested, I am leaving a comment. “Comment.” I always do what you ask Katelyn. LOL. seriously, it was a nice entry. No idea French developed that way. Dad

  2. Hey, nice post, pretty nifty. I I like the whole history bit, my lack of royal blood explains my lack of skills in French.

    Mr.Isaacson, you rock for using the acronym “LOL”.

    PS: I just realized I can use whatever name I want . Who wrote this????YOU’LL NEVER KNOWWWWWWWw. muhuhahahahhahaa.

  3. You wrote on your blog !!! That’s a good thing !
    French is my native language (I hope it’s the good expression ) and I didn’t know a part of the history of french language ! Our English teacher is the best ! And you’re the best ! I’ll miss you when you’ll be in Greece °_°
    A demain Katelyn ! Manon. 🙂 😀

  4. Wowza, thats quite the swell blog entry, yes siry ma bob.

  5. OMG HEYYY GIRL. You finally updated your BLOG. NICCEEE.

    Sooo I was having a blast from the past and watched all of our videos and it was GRAND.

    PS- the CHORUS misses you too! but it was a good year for you to not be in chorus because we kinda suck A LOT. Like, seriously, awwwfuuul. And it’s really sad.

    Me and someone else (Mollie, Caroline, or Laura.. I forget.) were wondering if you forgot English lol. We were like “lols I wonder if she is gonna come back and be like oui? andishxuexhfuneineifSTUFF INFRENCHriwehfjgiorjgrri.”
    SOoo woo!!!


  6. heyheyheyyyyyy!!!!!
    you gave us much to think about mah frand. you are travelling for like 60BILLIONMONTHS STRAIGHT. what?!!! ahahahaha that is seriously the COOLEST thing ever man i hope you enjoy like constant airplanes/buses and shtuff. how are the airlines btw? hahah jk you don’t have to answer that measley question. AMEN TO ANNA WE MISS YOU SO MUCH. so, yeah, and we suck, so, yeah, yeah…….ehhhhh. anyways keep singing and playing piano and writing POETRY (any new stuff?) because you rock and, omg french language history. that’s crazy. i kind of wish we had that kind of rule, because language can get really out of hand here, but then again from a humanistic point of view communicating is what we do so, wow you are right this is raising more thoughts in me. i feel like i could take this up with like siegerman or mullen and like talk about the underlying psych/philosophy of what language is or something like that. hm, enough about that…ps i have ap psych and i thought of you and your awesome siegerman shirt…i want one. UNTIL NEXT TIME TTYL! ❤ Caroline.

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