Posted by: katelyninfrance | February 18, 2010

Vacances is almost ovvvveeerrrrr!!!!

I’m actually rather sad that this one is almost over, which I’m taking as a good sign! With the first one, I just got so damn bored and miserable I was like- DAMMIT SCHOOL JUST COME BACK AND GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DO. With the second one I felt like I wanted to go back to school to see my friends/acquaintances which is cool and all but slightly strange when considering the whole teenage frame of mind of NO SCHOOL YEAH BITCHES. So now I’m actually feeling like a genuine French teenager- sad to go back to school after such a fun vacation! Well, I guess I’ll give you all an overview of what I’ve done these past two weeks!

Well, on Friday the not last Friday but the Friday before (too lazy to go check what day that was lolol) I got up normally for school and whatnot. And then I walked to the bus stop all normal and stuff, and there were some other kids there and so I waited with them. And waited. And waited some more. In the rain. After walking for 10 minutes in the rain. And it was cold rain too. Eventually it was like 15 minutes before class started and we were all- oh shit apparently Mr. Bus Driver decided not to work today okay good call and the other kids started leaving and I sent a text to my host mom like- uhhhh the bus isn’t here but it’s tooootes not my fault srsly but she didn’t respond and then I was alone and like- …guess I’ll walk back up that god damn hill. So I started walking up, still in the rain, still cold, and now exhausted thanks to endless waiting and freaking ridiculous uphill climbing geez srsly. My host mom was driving on the road when I was almost at the house and she pulled over all- whaat and I was all- uh yeah my bus didn’t come? Also I sent you a text and she was all- oh I didn’t hear my phone ring lolol but actually I have a meeting at 9 anyways so I wouldn’t have been able/am not able to now drive you to school anyways and I can’t drive you the rest of the way back guess you’re staying home today sorrybai. So after ages of excruciating climbing I finally made it to the house. I hobbled into my room, kicked off my boots and other drenched clothing and toppled into my bed. Dear god. Deeeaaarrrr god.

Uhhh anyways so I slept a bit that day and then at around 3-ish we all piled into the car for a supa fun 6 and a half hour car ride to Switzerland! Except we got stuck in traffic and literally stood still for over an hour! Yaaaaayyyy! Nah but we did make it there eventually. We slept the night in Neuchatel, which is where my host parents own an apartment and actually where my two host sister’s were born as my host mom used to work at the hospital just across the street. The next day we piled into the car again and drove to Champoussin, perhaps the most magical little ski station nestled high in the swiss alps. My host sisters and I all took snowboarding lessons together as they have done a bunch of skiing and I have done absolutely nothing so we’d be at about the same level-ish. Our teacher’s name was Nicolas, and he was a rather attractive 22 year old swiss guy who was pretty dang hilarious. Despite all the falling, cold snow, freezing extremities, and did I mention falling, it was really fun! I actually starting getting pretty comfortable with the snowboard, and I did 7 virages (turns in english I guess?) in a row without falling! Yeeesssss!!! My host mom was rather pleased with my progress. And I’m def planning on continuing once back in the states. The thing that kinda sucked tho was at the end of one day, I was at the bottom of the slopes and feeling good about my skillz so I was all- oh hey, let’s try one last virage before we head back to the chalet but since it was at the bottom of the slope and it had been snowing there was a lot of unpacked snow, and my snowboard collected said snow in a pile at the front and stopped moving, sending me toppling backwards hard onto the small of my back in the downhill direction. Ow. Ow ow ow. I got driven back by some guy on a snowmobile which was kind of cool but actually pretty embarrassing. And my back still hurts, although not as much as before, so once we get back to France we’re probs gonna go to a doctor and see if I like broke my spine or something. I sure hope not. Ow. 

Other Swiss escapades involved being invited to this party thing on the second floor of some restaurant. You see Champoussin has a bunch of Dutch people for some reason. Lots of them vacation there, and as a result lots of employees are also Dutch. This party was pretty much a- OMG YAY THE NETHERLANDS LOVIN’ ME SOME DUTCH party and all the Swiss/French/other peeps were all- well then. This is awkward. Nonetheless I managed to enjoy myself with my host sisters. They were being all shy and stuff and I was like- NOPE LET’S DANCE and well it didn’t work out too well because alllll of the music was weird Dutch music that all the Dutch people were singing along to but not us, so yeah. But Nicolas was there and we all talked a bit and got all make-upy and stuff so it was still pretty cool. 

So these Dutch people. As you all know, I am rather tall. And thus being in southern France puts me at a bit of a disadvantage as most of the French are well, rather short. The Dutch however, are not. Score one for Katelyn. Also lots of the Dutch employees were male. And cute. And tall. Score two for Katelyn. And said employees couldn’t speak too much French, and thus spoke in English, a language in which I am rather comfortable in. Score three for Katelyn. Uh yeah so there was this one crepe-maker who was blonde and tall and dear god were the crepes good and I talked with him a bit. I also talked with blonde barman. And there was a piano in the lobby so I played a bit of piano and sang and talked with cute Dutch boys and man it was fun. Right before we left I got up the courage to ask the crepe-maker if I could take a picture of him, in which he replied yes. And thus if you were to go to my facebook profile, you would see me and said crepe-maker as my profile picture. Aaannddd HE asked ME for my name so he could look for me on facebook. As in he could probs come and read this too lolol no big deal ahaha. Anyways Champoussin was a good time and I was rather sad to leave!

We went back to Neuchatel and hung out for a couple days. My host sisters and I saw the movie I Love You, Phillip Morris in French and ate at a crepe restaurant (did I mention I love crepes/have consumed about a million these past two weeks) on valentine’s day while my host parents went and ate at a fancy lovey-dovey restaurant and stuff. Then on tuesday we left for Geneva to catch a plane to Londoooooonnnnnn!!!!! Ommggggg London! I was so so so so so excited to go and have this opportunity to travel! Yaaaayyy! London was a party. Tuesday it rained like no other but yesterday (wednesday lol) it was really nice out. We saw tons of stuff like Big Ben and Buckingham Palace and did I mention they speak ENGLISH there as in I was the one who knew stuff and who my family relied on and oh god did it feel good! I actually helped out one of the stewards in the plane by talking with a French passenger because his French wasn’t that good. Oh man dude feeling like I actually know this language feels so great. Too bad I feel as if I don’t most of the time. Dammit French. 😦

So while in London we saw those guards with the big furry hats that stand still and say nothing. And of course, being me, it has always been my dream to mess with them. So I did. And my host sister filmed it. Do enjoy. I rather did.

So I’m not sure what else to talk about… I mean there is cute Argentinian boy who sat behind us on the plane to London- KATELYN THAT IS ENOUGH WITH THE BOYS STOP THANKS. Ahaha, uh, well, today we’re going to my host mom’s parent’s house in France for the night and tomorrow we’re driving the rest of the way back home to Saint Cyr. Saturday I might be doing something in Nice with my third host family, we’ll see how that goes. And I have like 289475465409 papers to write in French so uh I should probs get on that sometime soon as well. Eheh. Oh man but I do NOT want to do my homework big surprise there amirite. Well I’ll get it done eventually/somehow! Like I said before we’re back to school on Monday. Then I have a week and a half and my class heads off to Greece. I’m pretty psyched, not gonna lie. I’ll be sure to upload my pictures from Switzerland and London sometime eventually, and take and upload pictures of Greece also! I hope everyone is keeping warm, I can’t believe that the year I leave Havertown decides to get completely engulfed by snow. Thanks, guys. Well, see you guys later! 😀



  1. Ahaha, majorly jealous of your globe-trotting adventures my dear. It sounds like you had a blast!

    Oh, and that video of you singing “You’re Just Too Good To Be True” to the palace guards was brilliant! The man on the left kept shifting his eyes about, trying NOT to look at you. 😀

    I’ve always been fascinated by those guys. You must have some serious stamina/dedication to be able to stand still for hours in that frighteningly stoic manner.

    …what would happen if you poked one of them? Is it illegal to poke a palace guard?

    *********GOOGLE TIME!***************

    Lol, apparently not! There are a few videos of people giving them a kiss on the cheek.

    …only the flashers and the assaulters seem to get arrested. Okay, it is officially my goal to go to London and poke a palace guard (maybe try the kiss on the cheek thing, if they’re attractive). Tee hee!

    Can’t wait to see your pictures, and good luck with your essay shtuffz!


    -Allison (aka Heinrich Von Lichtenstein…for no reason other than I can…mwahahahahahaha)


  2. Random note, but have you been watching the Olympics?…there was some pretty sweet snowboarding last night, by a Mr. Shaun White that I think you would enjoy.

  3. So i just tried going to your blog by typing “” and I got there and i thought “Whoa, wtf, this was not the blog i was looking for” . D:

    Just thought you should know that there’s another Katelyn who has gone to France and written about it on a blog…WHAT ARE THE ODDS??? I guess pretty high really. Anyways nice post there. Did i mention that i want to go to greece too? I’m pretty sure your suitcase could fit me ah ha …hah..ha. That joke is pretty much old, I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard it like 50 thousand times in the past year. Yep. Nice post.

  4. hey-
    My name is Hannah, i found your blog through cultures-shocked. Next year ,10-11, i will be going to France through RYE and a few days ago I found out I would be hosted by D1730 aswell! i stumbled upon your blog and saw you were in D1730 and got all excited. Anyways, what city are you staying in?


  5. Hi Hannah! I’m staying in Saint Cyr sur Mer, and I go to school in La Ciotat. Basically I’m right in-between Toulon and Marseille. Just want to warn you though, district 1730 is big in area and I’ve found that most kids at least this year got placed closer to Nice or Cannes than me, so I’m a bit out of the location loop with most of the other exchange students! But congrats, this district is preeeetttyyyy fly not gonna lie. 😀

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