Posted by: katelyninfrance | March 10, 2010

Greekin’ it up!

Uhhh please ignore that awful title. I’m having trouble coming up with slightly good post titles and jsut kinda put down whatever the hell passes through my mind in the first 30 or so seconds that the add new post page is up. So uh anyways yeah, yesterday I got back from a week in Greece with mah class! It was supa fun. And now I’mma go into detail I think because well yup I am. 😀

So! Wednesday the 3rd I woke up at 4 AM because we had to drive to the airport in Marseille to be there at 5:30 AM and DEAR GOD WAS I EXHAUSTED.  When we got there my host mom was all- see you in a week! and I was all- buhwhabye? and Yuriy was all- KAYEET-LEEN and I was all- how do you have so much energy this early in the morning srsly. Well we went through security and blah blah and then we got on the plane headed to Munich, Germany. I sat next to a French boy named Frederick and we talked a bit which was cool and stuff. Then our plane kinda landed late so we all sprinted in the Munich airport to catch our connecting flight to Athens! After we landed in Athens I was all- GREEEEEECCEEEE and Estée was all- GREEEECCEEEEE and we were all- GREEEEEECCEEEEEEEE!!!!!! That evening after awkwardly taking the overly crowded bus and metro with our suitcases to our hotel and posing said suitcases in said hotel, we went a bit into old Athens-ish area and went shopping! I bought an awesome bag that decided to go BREAK on me the other day. Hopefully I’ll be able to fix it. A=I mean seriously it was 20 euros man come on. D:

The next day we got up at 5 AM (lovin’ these early mornings guys srsly) and got on a big-ass boat to Santorini! It was an 8 hour ride but it was cool because well we could walk places and eat and stuff since it was a boat and not an airplane and stuff. Still was long though. Anyways we got to Santorini and took a bus up the mountain (scary as HELL let me tell you) and got to the Blue Sky Villas hotel. I roomed with Carina with our non-existent heater (it literally worked THE MORNING we left). In Santorini we took a boat ride to the volcano and walked around a lot and took pictures. Also after said boat ride, I rode a donkey up the mountain side! Okay so actually it wasn’t a donkey because I’m too tall so it was technically a mule but GUYS I RODE A MULE UP THE GREEK MOUNTAINSIDE LIKE IN THE MOVIES AND STUFF. They had dingly bell costumes and it was soooo beautiful with all of the Greek buildings and the ocean was such a clear crystallin blue-green it was like a dream. So worth the 5 euros. 

In Santorini there were also A TON of dogs that were just kinda hanging out. Some of them were strays but a lot of them had collars with names, so I’m under the impression that the residents of Santorini just kinda let their dogs hang out during the day like some people do with cats. Anyways, there was one dog who was a redish-orange color and thus I named him Ginger. Ginger seemed to show up ALL OVER THE PLACE. We’d be walking and he’d be there and I’d be like- GINGER and he’d follow us around and he was so cute and so friendly. Towards the end of our stay he even followed us to the hotel and slept outside so when I’d open the door in the morning he’d be there all- HI THERE. And I kiiiinda sort of let him into the room also. And then on the last morning he just kinda waltzed into the hotel and lied down in the lobby while we were eating breakfast. I LOVE THIS DOG GUYS. HE WAS GREAT. A lot of the others were all- GODDAMMIT THIS DOG WHY IS HE STILL HERE WHAT IS HE DOING but I was all- YAY GINGER YAAAAAY all the time ahaha. Such a sweatheart. ❤

And the final paragraph on Santorini- we went clubbing the night before we left. Guys seriously. This was a SCHOOL trip. And the TEACHERS took us clubbing. And to go clubbing you have to be 18 years old, which many of us weren’t. But we went anyways. YES. It was toooooooons of fun! I wore a vest thing I bought for 5 euros (I also bought two dresses for 5 euros each there was this awesome cheap store there it was great) and we all danced together and there were some creepin’ Greek boys but it was okay because the teachers were dancing too and ooommmgggg fun stuff ahaha. Although at the end of the night we all smelled like cigarette smoke because if there is one thing about Europe it is that EVERYONE SMOKES ALL THE TIME. Ah well it was a good time anyways!

We headed back to Athens and did all the necessary tourist stuff, like we saw the Parthenon and all of the old ruins and the ancient city of “whoops-can’t-remember-the-name-lolol” and went into a museum and stuff. It was so beautiful, I took toooons of pictures! Also the weather in the beginning of the day was weird all hell. Seriously guys it was yellow out. Yellow. We were like in another world or something. I was all uneasy and like- whaaaat is this and stuff. But it was kinda cool at the same time I guess! We ate lunch at some Greek restaurant and there was this waiter who was pretty cute and he was all- *sets table with plates* and I was all- why thank you! and he was all- so where are you from and I was all- well I’m from the states but the rest of everyone is from France and he was all- actually my English is pretty bad and I was all- NO PROBS! And then later he gave us an extra plate of fries (if there was one thing that we ate in Greece it was french fries. All. The. Time.) saying that it was a gift for me and all the Frenchies were all- OOOHHHHH KAAATTEEELLLYYYYNNNN and I was like- ohh geez and then when he came back he asked me what my name was and told me his (it was like Sergio or something I don’t even know guys Greek names lolol) and the two girls at the table next to us who are rather silly and crazy were all- OH HEY DO YOU WANT THE NUMBER OF KATELYN and he was all- wait what? and they were all- PHONE NUMBER and then they made me write my cell number on a piece of napkin and I gave it to him and he was all- Thank you very much! and I was all- what in the world has this situation escalated to and then we went shopping. That was an interesting day. And if you’re curious no he hasn’t called me. I’m kiiiinda not expecting him to just being honest here ahaha.

The last day I got up at 4 AM AGAIN to catch a plane to Munich with only 6 other kids and two teachers. You see, the majority of the group got to take a plane at 1 PM, but us unlucky folk had to take one at like 6 SOMETHING IN THE MORNING. AUGH. I slept a lot that day. As in yesterday that day. Then a teacher gave me a ride home because my parents are in Switzerland and aren’t getting back until tomorrow (good timing right) and I got home like- DEAR GOD TIRED and today I just kinda slept because OH MAN TIRED. All in all though Greece was really fun! We ate like freaking kings although it was always the same sort of traditional Greek foods but daaaamn were they good. And the olives! Ohhhh the olives! Athens was a bit sketchy city-wise but I still enjoyed it, even if a lot of my French classmates were complaining a lot, ahaha. 

Well, I think that was a pretty good/thorough description of my week in Greece! Tomorrow I’m heading back to school because I kinda slept today lolol. We don’t have music so I’m done at 4 tomorrow which is SUH-WEET. Then like all of the teachers are striking on Friday so I either only have one hour of class from 9-10 or not at all even which is SUH-WEETER. And then I have a fairly normal monday and tuesday I head off to PARIS with my host mom! Sooooo psyched! Gotta be careful not to spend too much money ahaha. So I’ve got a ton of pictures I need to add on Facebook from Greece and London and Switzerland and stuff that I will get to one day. One day! Which day will that be? WHO KNOWS! Uh yeah anyways, I’m gonna go get dressed now since we’re heading to Le Castlellet today and I also gotta catch up on Lost and all and maaaaybe do that music paper eventually so I’m gonna go now. Thanks for reading guys, and make sure to cooommeennttt!!! 😀



  1. Why Can’t I Go On Exchange Too? Just Because I Am Older, It’s Not Fair. If Anyone From Rotary Is Reading This, Please Call Me To Go On Exchange Too. I am Not Katelyn’s Father. Really. Why No One Believes Me?

  2. Greece is Great! Hmmm extra fries, did your classmates enjoy the extra attention?

  3. The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

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