Posted by: katelyninfrance | March 24, 2010

Hiiiiii guuuyyysss

So I’m just gonna throw in a quick update here while the latest Lost episode loads on up because I feel like if I don’t now and wait till I get back from Corsica and most likely Eurotour also I’ll have soooo much stuff to talk about that I won’t get to talk about Paris! Also lololol quick update who are you kidding Katelyn those don’t exist to you srsly.

Okay so first things first, remember that Greek waiter I was talking about in my last post riiiiight there below this one? Well he called me. Seriously. I was shocked. Shocked and peeing my pants laughing. All at the same time. Basically it went like this: I was falling asleep on the couch because the life of an exchange student is tiring as anything when my phone was all- RING RING HEY RING and I was like- HUHWHASLEEPUH and picked up with a French greeting- Allo? Then from the other end there was a lot of noise, as if the person was calling from a party or a public place or whatevs. I didn’t understand aaaaanything. Also the fact that I was literally just sleeping and was thus groggy with tired-ness didn’t help my comprehension either. I continued on in French being like- sorry I don’t understand and etc figuring that the person was speaking French and I was just being a failure at understanding which kinda made me feel bad because my comprehension is pretty rockin’ nowadays. Then like 5 minutes after awkward- whaaaat is going on exchanges (no seriously I don’t know if the guy was speaking English, French, or freaking Greek) I finally understand a “you speak English?” and I was like- well yeah and the other person was like- are you Katelyn and my brain was like- CUH-LIIIIICK! and I was like- WAIT ARE YOU FROM GREECE HOLY SHIT and he was like- yes it’s meeeeee and I was like- LOLOL SRSLY and that was pretty much our conversation as like I’ve said before, his English is kinda lacking. That being said my Greek is even lacking-er (nooot a word) so I mean I’m not calling him out for it or anything. Anyways I sent him a text afterwards like- uuuhhppp sorry for being a failure at life I hope things are going well in Greece and he wrote me back calling me Katalina. Eheh. Heh.

Anyways I told my friend Carina who was with me in Greece via text yesterday, and literally the first thing everyone says to me when I walk up this morning before math is- SO HE CALLED YOU DID HE? Dear god gossip travels FAST in France let me tell you. It’s pretty hilarious actually. I was like- wait how do you know that and Yuriy was like- EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT IT and I was like- oh you silly Frenchies. But seriously guys I am going to miss this country SO. MUCH. I’m starting to really realize how little time I have left and it is scaring the crap out of me. I love this place, I love the people I’ve met, I love how happy I feel when someone calls my name or comes to talk to me on their own because they want to, which might seem kinda lame when you think about it but for a foreigner in France and compared to what it was like earlier I’ve just come so far and I feel so accomplished and I love this language and the way it feels on my tongue when I speak it (kiiiinda awkward image there Kate) and joking with Manon and having Marion say “Je t’aime” and asking me if I could take her sister’s spot for good (lolol) and Martial’s Jewish motherness and endless pasta and Catherine’s funny comments and hand-motions/charades (there’s a better word for this but uhp forgot it with the rest of my slightly intelligent English) and the nutella crepes at l’albatross right on the ocean and the beautiful weather and the palm trees and my class PL2 and sharing music with Yuriy and spanish with Gaetan and Magali and Estée and Sarah and Manon and gym with various changing sports and free hours in the music room with Guillaume playing piano and Sophian on the ukulele and Julien on the trombone and Romain on the bass and Ingrid on the guitar and the bus with Théo and Benjamin and Raphaël and Hugo and lunch with Claire and Jessica and sometimes Allison and talking with Kirsten in the hallways and just being a crazy outgoing what-is-she-doing-that-is-not-culturally-appropriate-here american and being ACCEPTED for it. France is in my blood and with every pulse of my heart she swims through my veins and traverses my organs and settles in my brain with a sweet sigh and whisper of bread and cheese and wine and of the art that is life. It’s a shame because I’ve come to realize that I will never be whole in one country, I’ll always be missing one place or another no matter where I am. But my host mom was saying that this way, even though I’m not necessarily “complete” in a sense, I am everywhere all at once. And it’s that which is beautiful.

Well that last paragraph turned a bit more introspective than I was expecting it to ahaha. But yeah I’ve really come to love it here, not necessarily every minute of every day, but you know, it’s a life, and I wasn’t happy every minute of every day in the US either. It just goes to show that I’ve adapted and accomplished my exchange I guess? So I don’t have to be overly critical and harsh of myself saying that I’ve wasted this time or that I’m not fluent enough in French or blah blah blah because my exchange has been my exchange and it has been special in its own way.

SO SUBJECT CHANGING. Last week my host mom took me to Paaaaris! It was awesome! On Tuesday we woke up at like 5 AM ish to head to Marseille and grab a supa-quick TGV to Paris. We did A LOT of walking and sight seeing. Included in said sight seeing was Notre Dame, le Sacré Coeur (sacred heart), this boat tour thingy in which everything was repeated in like 2903758374 languages, various shopping around our hotel, la defense, les champs elysées (I sang the champs elysées song on the champs elysées. ACCOMPLISHMENT), le louvre, that park thing right by the louvre, and of course, the eiffel tower! (Can you tell how lazy I am by the fact that I stopped capitalizing these proper nouns lolol.) So basically the line for the elevator in the tower was like 238973544 people long, so we went and bought stair-walking tickets. We walked 700 stairs that day. Ow. Owwwww. My thiiiiiiighs. That being said it was really pretty and just so magical to be like- HERE I AM ON THE EIFFEL TOWER OMG DREAM MUCH? And when we were walking closer to it from far away it just kinda POPPED up and I was like- GYAH! IT’S THERE! and the closer we got the bigger it got and it was just so amazing. Like I remembered my French class back in 8th grade and I remembered just getting ready for this exchange and the Eiffel Tower is such a symbol of France and like it sounds really cheesy I guess but it was magical. Even with all of those people badgering us to by their little Eiffel Tower keychains every other step. And there were all the same key chains. How do those guys make money I don’t even know.

I am/was so thankful that my host mom made it possible for me to visit Paris like this, just the two of us. We ate delicious crepes and I bought books (lol yeah I bought stuff I could easily buy in Saint Cyr eheh well I’m going back next week so it’s allll good!) and we had fun host mom/host daughter times and yeah. Good times.

Well, this Friday all of the rotary exchange students of district 1730 are meeting at the port of Toulon at 5:30 and we’re taking an overnight cruise ship to Corsica for the weekend! It’s like a big rotary district conference so chances are there will be some fairly dull times with old French men BUT THAT’S OKAY WE’LL MAKE IT FUN OURSELVES TRUST ME. And then on wednesday night we head to Paris via an overnight train to start off Eurotooooouuurrrr!!!! So psssyyccheeeddd!!! We’re going through France and Germany and Italy and Switzerland and omgomgomg I’m gonna see Venice and yesyesyesyesssss also there are going to be A TON of exchange students from ALL OVER THE WORLD that I get to meet and befriend and hang out with and even Jessica, the girl who was on the plane with me from Philly is gonna be there toooo! We’re gonna have so much fuuuuun! And I’ll probs/def have lots to talk about and lots of pictures (speaking of which I still have pictures but god am I lazy putting them all up on facebook is a PAIN) so look forward to that! Well, Lost is all loaded and ready to go now/has been for awhile ahaha so I’m gonna wrap this up. I hope everything is going well wherever the heck you’re reading this from! Bye everybody!!!!




  2. OOPS I PRESSED ENTER OR SOMETHING MY BAD I WAS GOING TO KEEP TALKING. and so i continue…HULLO. i MISS YOU. but you are just like the most awesome person ever in your french-loving-ness and so beautifully poetic and idk if you realize how much you capture your readers when you write about this amazing exchange experience, but you DO. and like i just feel like i’ve kind of experienced this with you in a way, and in a way i TOTALLY HAVEN’ omgosh, but it’s just really nice to come out of my stupid american ladida life to think about something so profound as the exchange of culture going on in someone else’s life, especially you, because you are such an important person to me and it’s just really really realllllly coool, and you make me want to go and do this myself. actually you are so much more inspiring than i can describe. like…seriously, i was having an epiphany reading your blog like holy crap, you are the most independent person i know, and it’s just amaaazing. like with all the college ideas buzzing around in our brains there’s you, and you are experiencing something similar to the life switch that happens at college time (something i’m kind of petrified of but suuuper excited for), but you being in france ( and like ALL OVER EUROPE HELLO GREEK MEN?) is soo much more and i just feel like anything is possible if my dearest katelyn can like go to france and CREATE a life. like legit CREATE a life. you are amazing, and i love you, and i just wanna huuuug you. ok, so i hope that wasn’t too emotional for you cuz i’m like all uhhhh after writing that. loooooooove caroline 🙂

  3. ^^^^^^^
    What she said.

  4. This was a wonderful post. Enjoy, Enjoy!!! I think you will be at home where ever you are, even if you miss things about other places you have been. Can’t wait to see you!

  5. You’ve done it once again! Great post.

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