Posted by: katelyninfrance | December 7, 2010

Week of no texting- Day One. The start of it all.

Hey guys, so for my final project in my freshman seminar, I’m going a week without texting. And at the end of every day, I’m writing a reflection on the experience that I’ll be posting here. Today I’ll be posting my response from yesterday as well as my one for today because we just sort of came up with the blog idea today. I hope this is at least somewhat interesting for you all to read maybe!

Day one-

Today I woke up at 8:40 to the sound of my alarm and reached towards my phone like every morning. Two new texts. I frowned and hit “read later”. I would be doing that quite a bit today.

The decision to make my final project a week of no texting was met with some raised eyebrows and a few gasps of disbelief. Texting has become such a normal part of socialization today, that it seems hard to fathom giving it up, for some. Despite having urged my parents to act sooner, the first time I got texting was after arriving in France as an exchange student and getting a French phone. Not having very many friends, if any at all really, the first part of my year was spent only writing a few stunted messages in broken French very slowly on the foreign number pad. But as the year went by, I gained friends as well as speed in crafting words and sentences out of my phone. I found myself having to re-charge my account with money more and more frequently as texting was using up euros rather quickly. But with every text I got from a schoolmate, or another exchange student, I felt wanted, like I was successful as an exchange student, adapting to a new life. After returning home, I was textless yet again. However, I would stand for that no longer and soon received a shiny new phone and unlimited texting plan. And thus we find me, an avid texter, sending dozens if not hundreds of texts per day.

I’d say the hardest part of this experience so far is probably getting over the habit of texting. It’s just something that I’ve gotten used to. When seeing something funny or walking to class or feeling hungry or just when bored, I always seem to rattle a text off to my boyfriend, Abel, who is currently a sophmore at Penn State, four and a half hours away from Oberlin. After receiving two texts from him this morning that I didn’t read, I called him to politely remind him that I wouldn’t be texting for the week. He decided to send me texts anyways. In fact, quite a few friends of mine have been doing the same thing, a repeat of the facebook wall scandal when I couldn’t use facebook for a few days (check my facebook from last week if you’re curious, it’s kind of ridiculous honestly). In music history this morning, my friend Porter sent a text to me while I was sitting right next to him. If there is anything I’ve learned from this so far, it’s that I have some rather hilarious friends. Or at least they think they’re hilarious.

As another friend of mine said, not texting has forced me to call people if I have something to say to them. Ryan has often rolled his eyes at me when after asking me to call someone, I respond with a, “Nah I’ll just text them,” or perhaps, “But I just texted them!” This is perhaps a good lesson for me. Today I (actually!) called my mother instead of texting her a thank you for my latest Hannukah gift, and we got into a conversation about other matters. Feeling on a roll, I even called my sister. Perhaps this is just a temporary thing, but I’m starting to appreciate the novelty of the spoken word. Who knew.

Well, I think that’s all for now. I’ll check in tomorrow with more adventures of not texting! Woooo!


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