Posted by: katelyninfrance | December 9, 2010

Week of no texting- Day three. What to do?

Day three of no texting draws to a close. And the amount of texts I’ve received and yet cannot read until Monday has doubled. Abel, you are one hilaaaarious person. Hilarious.

Anyways, there is one aspect of texting that I’ve been thinking a lot about. It’s something fun and easy to do when bored, when in a waiting room, or when all you have with you is your music history notebook and your phone but you have to wait in the conservatory lounge for your voice teacher to show up and give you a lesson. It’s a form of entertainment. As with all forms of entertainment, it can be abused in that you can easily procrastinate on work by texting instead. But the great thing about texting is that it is always with you. Have a few minutes to kill but no idea what to do? Why not send a text to a friend of yours, checking in. There’s even another aspect to the “texting while waiting” phenomenon. Ever feel really awkward sitting around with nothing to do, feeling like everyone is staring at you, or like you have nowhere to stare except back at said staring people? Whip out your phone and bam! You have a purpose! You are doing something and that means you are not doing nothing which means according to society, you are doing the right thing! Perhaps this has something to do with the American viewpoint on constant working, punctuality, and general un-chillness, but when uncomfortable or anxious due to having nothing to do I tend to flip open my phone nervously. I’ve found that even these last couple of days, when I know that even if I have a text I won’t be reading or responding to it, I’ll still check my phone every couple minutes when waiting around, just because I have nothing else to do. It has become such a normal thing for me, something that I can use as a bit of a coping device perhaps, but that might be going a bit far. I noticed today that when waiting for the people at the sky bar to let us dive into the myriad of pizza boxes, I continuously checked my phone. And I was sitting with friends, I was having a conversation. It’s just something normal and something that is “right” to do. It’s not that it feels right, per say, but is more of an OCD-type complex- I have to check my phone! I just have to! Maybe comparing checking your phone to OCD is a bit much, but I can certainly see some parallels. Or maybe it’s just me. Who knows.

But it leads me to the question- without texting to occupy every little nanosecond of free time, what ever will I do? If I don’t have texting to turn to, will I have to sit there in silence and THINK? About LIFE? Oh no! Not that!

Jokes aside, it is interesting to think about how the whole idea of self-reflection and having times in the day where you really aren’t doing anything is kind of a foreign concept to Americans. We’re always so busy, going places, doing things, and even when we relax we have phones and e-mail to check up on, or a television show to watch, or friends to hang out with. We don’t ever really have time where we just allow ourselves to sit alone and just BE. Maybe we all need to take a class on Zen Buddhism or something, ahaha.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back tomorrow for another update hooray!


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