Posted by: katelyninfrance | December 11, 2010

Week of no texting. Day five- Driving, biking, and class- Oh my!

There is one thing that I have seen at Oberlin but nowhere else- texting while biking. Everyone has heard of texting while driving, we even had to watch a ridiculous Oprah-esque video in driver’s ed involving a girl who texted while driving and boy who killed someone while doing so. But seeing people text while on a bike is just hilarious, really, albeit dangerous. And honestly, I’m impressed. I don’t even have the balance to bike without holding onto the handlebars, let alone have the mental capacity to keep myself afloat while texting someone. It’s a skill, really. The dangers of texting while operating machinery, whether that be a car, a motorbike, or whatever, are pretty obvious. It’s really scary to think that there are people who do so, since they really endanger us all. When I see someone even talking on their cell phone while driving I get really angry. I mean, if it was that important, they easily could just pull over rather than endangering all of our lives. Stupid people.

Students also tend to text in class, which I’d imagine schools and teachers are not too pleased about. Especially in large lecture halls where you’re more of a number than a name, it’s easy to sneakily send a friend a message when bored. I personally don’t text very often in class because I am such an amazing student all the time, of course. It would be interesting to do a study of sorts checking if people who text in class tend to do worse grades-wise than those who do not. The obvious answer would be yes, they do worse, but maybe some people just learn better studying on their own, and are able to get work done outside of class hours to keep them with good grades. I suppose that would have lots to do with different methods of learning and teaching, although I don’t imagine teachers would be happy knowing that students are texting during their class even if said texting students are able to make it out with an A.

Now back to my own experience not texting! Today there were a few moments where I really REALLY wanted to send a text. I had something very important to say, so important that I can’t remember right now what it was, but Abel was in class. I normally would have texted him since he obviously can’t pick up his phone while in organic chemistry. Sadly I could not, and did not. Later on I wanted to text him about this amazing concert we were going to, but I couldn’t and didn’t do that either. And then late at night I wanted to send him a message since calling him could have woken up my roommates which isn’t exactly very nice, but that didn’t happen either. This whole thing is really rather frustrating. And making me feel like there is nothing I do in life except text Abel. Which isn’t the case. I hope.

I think the time-period of this no-text week makes a difference as well. Since it’s the end of the semester, I’ll be going back home to see my friends and family, so they are on my mind more than perhaps they would be when in the middle of classes. I also am finding myself with a bizarrely small amount of work at the moment, which is very strange and rather unsettling. I don’t really know what to do with my time these days, and not being able to text these feelings at others or even just talk to them about the fun things that will come after this awkward in-between transition period is pretty annoying. Hmmm.

Well, I’m good for now I think. See you on day six!


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