Posted by: katelyninfrance | December 12, 2010

Week of no texting. Day seven- The end!

And thus we find ourselves at the last entry! It’s crazy to think of how quickly this week has gone by, and how little time is left in this semester. Strange.

Well, I think I’ll be making this post a bit of a general summary/reflection of this week of no texting and what it has meant to me. First off, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, or how others expected it to be. Perhaps it’s just due to my late introduction with texting, but after the initial few days of reaching for the phone and slapping my own hand to remind myself not to, not texting became a normal part of my life. I think it goes to show just how adaptable humans really are- how quickly something such as texting seems to become a necessity, and yet how quickly we can wean ourselves off of it. We’re a species that is constantly changing stuck in a time period that is as well, so readjustment is a pretty important skill to have.

I’ve realized that, for me, texting is less of something that I need and more of something I do as a fun, leisurely activity. I don’t have to text someone the plans, even if they are short and could be relayed in a concise manner that way. Calling people is only awkward if you make it that way. And hey, verbal communication is another important skill to have, one that an increasingly digital age perhaps will be churning out more and more awkward speakers. Maybe that’s why public speaking classes are all the rage nowadays.

It’s hard to know whether or not my texting habits will change after having done this. I’m leaning towards a no- in fact I’m pretty sure that as soon as I read through the over 70 messages I’ve received in the past seven days, I’ll be back to sending my own with just as much volume as before. But maybe now I won’t feel obligated to check my phone every five minutes. Maybe instead of hiding behind a screen to cover up my own insecurities and to look “un-awkward,” I’ll remember that yes, I can entertain myself without electronics. I don’t need my phone as a crutch for keeping myself always busy and doing something; I can take the moments where I have nothing to do to really do nothing. And that can be very beneficial.

I’d say that going on this no-text diet was a good idea. It’s always good in life to be able to remind yourself that you really are in charge of what you do and can make decisions on your own. Maybe its a bit of a stretch, but just having the ability to do what you put your mind to can be a self-esteem boost. Like, yeah, check out what I did! All by myself! You all said it would be hard and maybe it was but I did it sh-yeah what now, world?! Sort of.

All in all, this has been an interesting experience and I’m all for new experiences anytime I can get my hands on them. I hope this has been at least marginally entertaining to read about, some of my posts were less fun than others certainly. I think I’ll end this how Abel suggested I do so- “Happy texting! Thank god om nom nom nom nom texts.”



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