Posted by: katelyninfrance | December 12, 2010

Week of no texting. Day six-

It seems like I’ve been focusing on the negative aspects of texting these past few days, so I’m going to change things around and look a bit on the positives. Before I had texting, people would have to call me when they were making plans to hang out or go somewhere. Rather than being part of the decision-making process via texting, which was quick, easy, and all in one place, we would have to coordinate via phone calls. It was much more difficult, involving calling people back again and again when plans changed or when new information popped up. With texting, it’s simple to invite a friend to lunch or to tag along on a shopping trip. You can plan big group outings by looking at everyone’s availability via text rather than having to call and then call back. Like I said before, texting is very convenient.

And like I had mentioned in (I think) my first post, texting can really give you a sense of community or closeness with your friends. It’s a social thing, and just like talking or video chatting with a friend, through texting you can build or cement relationships. Although it sounds lame, getting a text from a French person helped to feel less alone, and during a time when I felt like I had nobody, it was a great thing. Texts can brighten up your day, they can remind you of people that care about you, and they can give you opportunities to be social. For people who are shy and find it difficult to approach others, texting can be an easier way to still communicate, gaining confidence through small steps to finally feel comfortable with others.

Despite all of the bad rap texting gets as being something that only wastes time, I think it can be a very positive social device if balanced. Just like everything, one just has to use moderation. Texting is not inherently positive or negative in itself, it’s just how you use it. Yeup.

At this point not texting has sort of become a normalcy in my life. It’s annoying, but it’s something I can live with. I think the novelty of texting me knowing I can’t respond has also worn off, since I’m receiving far fewer texts these days than before. Thank god. With just a day or so left, I’m looking forward to being able to use my darling phone again. After spending an impossibly difficult 30 minutes waiting for a meeting with a dean and having nothing to do, it would have been nice if I could have texted in the meantime. I suppose it was a good lesson in being self-reliant and entertaining myself, though.

Tomorrow will be my last entry! Holy crap it’s been a week omg! Finally I can text again yaaay! Well, see you all later!


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