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Wait really she’s blogging?!

So considering there is no time like the present, the present being 4:10 AM on a Thursday morning, I’ve decided to re-continue blogging, hopefully for real this time but hey my track record is pretty terrible so far so we’ll see. I did start another blog post while in Taiwan, so first off I’ll put that right here, despite the fact that it’s not finished and clearly outdated.


September 27th, 2011:

Hey guys, so as yet another of my faux-ghetto post titles (current Katelyn note- it was “post numba 2 taipei style wut”) should lead you to believe, I am still in Taipei, and this is post number two of any posts I may have been making in Taipei. Wooo. So right now I’m sitting outside of a restaurant on campus glancing nervously up at the sky every few seconds as it almost looks as if it’s about to rain. Which would be unfortunate for all electronics involved, such as this computer.

Otherwise though, tonight I’m planning on hitting up yet another school club (I LOVE CLUBS GUYS YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW) in which I will be taught how to play the GuZheng, which is a stringed Chinese instrument that I would post a picture of here if I wasn’t so lazy but since I am instead will tell you to go look it up on google for yourselves geez srsly why does everyone want everything handed to them on a silver platter omg. And that’s enough run-on sentences for a little bit. Unfortunately I’m not entirely certain where this club is meeting, so it will be an interesting adventure to try and find it. Unfortunately with everything being written in Chinese, I’m rather at a loss as to where things are, or what things are, and etc. There are posters up around the campus with interesting-looking pictures and it’s all like- ooh! I want do that! Sadly I don’t know where it is nor am I entirely certain of what it actually is! How unfortunate! Like there’s a kendo club and srsly how cool would it be to hit people with wooden Japanese swords?! But since I’m in Taiwan, it would be nice to explore some of the culture of the country I am actually in, rather than one not too far to the northeast. Did I mention I still like, don’t realize I’m in Asia? Like just writing that. GUYS. I’M IN ASIA. WHAT THE HELL. The other day I was in the library writing a paper/actually watching stupid youtube videos and in my own little world when I looked up all dazed like- where am I there are an awful lot of Asians here- OH RIGHT TAIWAN. It’s weird stuff.

So I’m liking it quite a bit here. By “here” I mean in Taiwan and at the university (lord I have missed campuses and clubs and student-ness) and to a certain extent the program I’m in but idk. Not gonna go into all dat nonsenz hurr as it’s really not the place nor do I want to open that there can o’ worms, but if you’re interested hit me up via facebook or e-mail or what have you and we can chat. ;D

So fun things here! I have become obsessed with clubs. It’s kind of a thing. Like whenever someone has a question about a club or whatever it’s like- go ask Katelyn! and often times I’ll have some sort of answer. I just like being able to throw myself into activities with Taiwanese students. I want to make friends here, you know? It can be hard though, because often times we’re on field trips or doing CRC group activities which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but takes away from the me being a traditional university student vibe that I get here and that I *think* I’m liking? Idk. Wait I thought I wasn’t gonna get into all this nonsense lolol.

So clubs. As I said earlier I’m hopefully hitting up the GuZheng club. They also have Taiwanese opera and hip hop and folk dance and tap and errythang and unfortunately they all meet at 7 pm so I can’t go to all of them. Like I went to the first ballroom meeting and it was super fun but it turns out I have another club that day so sad. 😦 Otherwise I’ve met a few people around town here and *hopefully* have some plans later this week to hang out with them so that makes me feel good! Too bad every time I try to do school work I go all zoop!*

This is becoming a really awkward and disjointed post, perhaps because I am hungry, want fried rice, and am smelling the deliciousness coming from inside this restaurant yuuum tasty smells. Lolol some kids all wearing the same outfit just ran by laughing awkwardly and clutching drinks attention span wooooo.

So I guess I should talk about some like, actual stuff we’ve done? On Tuesday we went to Longshan temple, which is like, this beautifully architectural building smack-dab in the middle of the city.

Author’s note: Zoop is a word with many different connotations and can be used as perhaps every single part of speech. In this case, it is used as a state of being similar to emo.


For those of you who are curious about my club extravaganza, I ended up attending the GuZheng club, Taiwanese opera club, electronic music club, hip hop, ballroom dance, and chorus, although many of these I only went to once or twice because we ended up taking unfortunately timed field trips/it was an hour commute each way/I ended up going to dance clubs instead and exploring Taiwanese night life during my free time. We managed to hit up quite a few club clubs as well, including Luxy, Babe 18, Lava, Wax, Room 18, Reolver, that one club that was mostly older people and had free champagne on ladies night but when we went they had run out of champagne so instead we had some sort of licoricey drink that might have included yeager, and perhaps a few others I’ve missed such as two karaoke/lounge places. Interesting times were had, creepin’ times were had, dancey times were had, chicken hearts on a stick times were had. I ended up having quite a bit of nostalgia for Taiwan after leaving. I had made a decent number of friends, saw some shows (music, dance, art, etc), did a bit of miscellaneous exploring (one day I was so determined to go to the zoo that I ended up riding the metro for a good 50 minutes alone, arrived at the zoo right as it started torrential downpouring [gross exaggeration], and bought an umbrella outside of the gates so I wouldn’t get soaked), and had grown accustomed to the metro and the bright, young, exciting feeling of the city, and ended up missing it while going through the requisite emo readjustment period in Thailand. I really like Taipei, and I’d like to go back someday. How sad and melancholy that does sound. Sigh.

So Thailand. Actually I think I’ll leave a run-down of Thailand for the next post. There is a lot to that, and it is pushing 4:30 AM, so I think it is bed time (or hours of insomnia wooo) for Katelyn. For those who are curious, I’ve decided to go back to Oberlin for second semester. I’ve been cycling through feelings of absolute terror, gargantuan excitement, and everything in-between on that front, paired with a lovely continuing depression. Well all that fun stuff aside, it is time for me to retire. Thanks for reading and pleasepleaseplease comment and perchance I will actually update a decent amount even though I am no longer in exciting places! Night guys!



  1. Katelyn,
    I am still out here – and still reading your posts.

    I am living in California now – just south of San Francisco. I joined the Rotary out here when I moved, and I am on the committee managing Exchange Students. Still fun ..

    A big of a gap since your last post, but Good to see you are doing OK.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment! San Francisco sounds awesome, my grandparents used to live around there. Hope things are going well!

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